POV Jerk-Off Instruction

Have you ever wondered how HOT it would be to have Catwoman instruct you in a masturbation fantasy? 

It's your lucky day. You've just been captured by the famous catburgler. She needs strong, hard workers in her litter and she wants to see what you've got! She orders you to take out your cock and start stroking. She must like what shes sees because she tortures you by exposing her large round breasts. She even looks a little excited by you as she touches herself and smiles. You can't help but want to blow your load right there. Her evil laugh turns you on even more. She is in total control of you. Her latex-clad body is more than you can take. She won't let you cum.. If you want to join her minions,.. you've got to be able to go the distance. You are her slave. You continue to stroke a little faster,.... a little faster as she laughs her laughs and pets herself. Catwoman is truly an evil villain as she takes you just to the edge of physical insanity. Finally,.... she let's you cum. You're so backed up,... you shoot the biggest load she's ever seen right at her feet. You've done good, pet. You're going to be her new favorite slave. 

Features: Super Heroine, Super Villain, Femdom, Jerk-Off Instruction, Jerk-Off Encouragement, POV, Masturbation Instruction, Edging, Orgasm Control, Heels, Masturbation Training, Big Tits, Leather, Latex, Catwoman

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 11 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $12.99 (1080), $11.99 (720), $10.99 (360)




You've been trying to get a date with Sinn forever & tonight is the big night. Oh the things you're gonna do to her. She's pretty into you too so you know you're gonna get lucky. She offers you a drink that you gladly take. A very fruity white. But,.. what's this? You start to feel funny. Everything around you seems to grow bigger. Wait,.. it IS growing bigger! Sinn is laughing at you as you diminish in size. She's given you a shrinking tonic. Now you're the size of a mouse.  She's got you where she wants you,.. The Giantess teases you about your size. She stomps her big feet and makes the ground quake. Her big voice booms above you and you wonder what she's going to do with you next. She threatens to stomp you into the ground. She turns around to tease you with her voluptuous bottom. You are terrified and excited all at the same time as she pretends to squash you with her gigantic round ass. Giantess Sinn taunts you with her toes, her arches, her feet. She describes exactly how she's going to grind you into the carpet. You quake with anticipation. You never knew that being dominated by a gigantic woman could be so exciting! She's gonna crush you,....and you can,.. not,.. wait!

Features: Giantess, Shrinking POV, Ass smother, Feet, Heels Arches, Toes, Extreme Close Up, Eyes, Brunette, Small Tits, Big Ass, Ass Worship

Starring: Sinn Sage
Length: 10 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $11.99 (HD 1080), $10.99 (HD 720), $9.99 (SD 360)



A freeze / mannequin fantasy

The follow-up to FROZEN STARLET.

Nina Rudolph (Cheyenne Jewel) is a detective that is investigating the mannequin company Funny Doll, Inc. Rudolph sneaks into one of the home offices and finds documents that prove her suspicion - FDI is turning real live women into mannequins! Rudolph is caught in the act by the staff photographer. Startled,.. Rudolph pulls her gun on the photographer. The photographer likes Rudolph's look and suggests that the detective join FDI. Rudolph scoffs at the idea and threatens the photographer. The photographer moves quickly, stealing the detective's gun. She forces Rudolph into the next room where she makes the detective drink a potion that transforms her into a mannequin. Frozen & helpless, the photographer plays with the new mannequin,.. posing her,..fondling her,... stripping her. The photographer readies the new doll with a fresh new look and some new make-up. Funny Doll Nina is ready for service,.. and detective Rudolph will never bother the company again.

Features: Freeze, Fondling, Mind Control, Limb Play, Real Doll, Doll & Mannequin Transformation Fantasies, Pygmalion Fantasies, Blank Eyes, Extreme Close-Ups, Feet, Breast, Panties, Posing, Face Posing, Mannequins, Dolls 

Starring: Cheyenne Jewel, Diana Knight
Length: 17 minutes
Price: $18.99 (1080), $17.99 (720), $16.99 (360)




Jane is an professional woman who comes home to find her boss in her house. Katherine informs Jane that she has performed poorly at work and must be disciplined. She must submit to whatever punishment Katherine wants to inflict if she wants to keep her job. Katherine forces Jane to strip out of her blue business suit. To remove slowly remove her shiny pantyhose and sexy lingerie. Once Jane is completely exposed and utterly humiliated, Katherine presents her with a special vibe and instructs Jane to masturbate. Jane cannot believe the humiliation she must endure to keep her job,.. but she is desperate,.. so she complies. She is forced to bring herself to orgasm again and again. Each time Katherine turns up the intensity. Jane is terrified as her heart starts to race. She is weak and simply cannot take much more. The humiliation & the pleasure become too much. Her heart gives out. Katherine has made her orgasm to death!

Features: Forced stripping, female desperation, humiliation, forced orgasms, FemDom, pantyhose, legs, POV, secretary, woman following orders, mean boss

Starring: Diana Knight, Tomiko
Length: 25 minutes
Format MP4
Price: $24.99 (HD), $23.99 (SD), $22.99 (IPOD)




You think it's fun to hide from your Giantess, but she finds you. She punishes you with threats to stomp on you, which makes you quake in your little shoes. She's SO big and her voices booms over you. She teases you with her gigantic pussy. You just want to crawl up into her, but she won't let you. She toys with you as she picks you up so high. She puts you in her cleavage, but not for long. She says she's going to eat you. You fantasize about being eaten up, but she's not done with you yet. She taunts and plays with you because she can and you love it. You are her little pet and you will do whatever she wants. Her threats excite you and you love it, little man!

Features: Giantess, extreme close-up, POV, eyes, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, face fetish, mouth fetish, brunette, dirty talk, tongue, throat, vore, pussy, tits, small breasts, glasses, ass, ass worship

Starring: Cheyenne Jewel
Length: 10 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $11.99 (HD 1080), $10.99 (HD 720), $9.99 (SD 360)




Sylvie (Sinn Sage) is an over-confident model who has been hired as the new face of Funny Doll Inc. Even though she has the job,... she feels the need to make a video of herself telling the company how wonderful and how perfect she is. How she is not afraid to make funny faces and pose in awkward ways. 

Sylvie arrives for her first day at work. She enters the RDI studio with all the airs of the stuck up model that she is. Sylvie introduces herself to the photographer (Diana Knight) who send her down the all to change. While Sylvie is changing,.. the photographer calls her boss to assure him that RDI has made the right choice... that she can mold Sylvie into a "fresh face". What Sylvie doesn't know is exactly why the company is called Funny Doll Inc. The photographer spikes Sylvie's drink with a special powder. As Sylvie is finishing her make up, she enjoys her pre-shoot "wine". 

Suddenly, Sylvie stars to feel strange. Her limbs start to feel tight and stiff. She is frightened by what is happening to her body. She fights and struggles with the transformation,.. but it is no use. She is frozen. Stiff like a mannequin. Diana walks down the hall to check on her. She can see that her model is ready. Diana drags the frozen starlet into place. She moves her limbs,.. poses Sylvie in different positions. Sylvie is going to be a great new model for FDI! Diana starts taking photos of Sylvie in various poses. First in very sexy lingerie,.. then Diana strips the mannequin,.. and gets some hot nudes. She even has a little fun making Sylvie touch herself. How naughty. Once Diana has what she needs,... she drags Sylvie to storage and rushes off to send the pics to the boss.

Features: Freeze, Fondling, Mind Control, Limb Play, Real Doll, Doll & Mannequin Transformation Fantasies, Pygmalion Fantasies, Blank Eyes, Extreme Close-Ups, Feet, Breast, Panties, Posing, Face Posing, Mannequins, Dolls, Photo Shoot 

Starring: Sinn Sage, Diana Knight
Length: 19 minutes
Price: $20.99 (1080p), $19.99 (720p), $18.99 (360p)

Get it here: FetishSanctum.com/10463289




I love a cold glass of wine on a warm day. It makes my mouth so cool & wet. You want to know what it's like inside my moist cavern. Watch me slurp, gulp, & gargle this delicious libation. I tease you with spitting. I play with my wet tongue & lips. You want to suck my tongue,.. lick my lips. You want to know what my mouth tastes like. Or maybe you want to stick yourself inside. Feel the cool liquid around your hot flesh. I think I'm getting a little drunk. Come closer. I'll share some with you. Cum taste mi vino.

Features: eating, drinking, tongue play, opening & closing, pov, extreme close-ups, scrunching lips, tongue flicking & rolling, lip smacking, teeth, lips, deep throat, long tongue, spitting, gargling

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 11 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $12.99 (1080), $11.99 (720), $10.99 (360)



Your name is Matthew & I'm your big tease of a girlfriend. Today I want to have some fun and try something new. I'm going to sit here and tell you how to touch yourself. You're going to get your cock hard by watching me play with my amazing breasts,.. then you're going to stoke it out for me. I'm going to tell you how hard and how fast to beat your meat. We'll start slow. Base to tip, you stroke. You want to cum already Well, you can't! Not until I tell you that you can. In the mean time, you're going to watch me tease you with my ass, my legs, & my wet pussy. I'll rub one out and make you watch. Remember you can't come until I tell you too. You can hardly stand it! You want to pop as I take out my favorite toy and begin to masturbate with it. Are you ready? Here we go,.. Stroke! Stroke! And cum with me!

**This is a personalized custom or "Matthew". That name is used several times throughout the clip.**

Features: POV, Masturbation Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, Edging, Orgasm Control, Heels, Masturbation Training, Heels, Legs, Ass, Lingerie, Big Tits

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 15 minutes
Format: MP4
Price:  $16.99 (1080), $15.99 (720), $14.99 (360)





A giantess is on a rampage when she spots you. At first, she is going to stomp you,.. just like all the other little pathetic creatures she meets. The ground rumbles, her voice booms, and you prepare to met your end. BUT,.. you're different. You get her attention. She plays with you,.. taunts you with her huge supple lips and inviting mouth. She teases you with the thought of putting you inside her mouth and consuming you. She picks you up and flys you around. You can't believe that she hasn't destroyed you by now. As the Giantess plays with you,.. keeping you warm between her massive breasts,.. her mouth starts to water. You get so excited that your manhood pops to attention,... This excites her,. so she asks you to pull it out and put on a show. Now you've got her so hungry and excited,... well,... she can't wait any longer! She's gonna eat you up!

Features: Giantess, extreme close-up, POV, eyes, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, face fetish, mouth fetish, brunette, dirty talk, tongue, throat, vore

Starring: Diana Knight
Format: MP4
Length: 10 minutes
Price: $11.99 (FHD), $10.99 (HD), $9.99 (SD)



Giantess Cali is going to swallow you up!

You've just been captured by Giantess Cali. She's so excited to get a close look at you. Her big voice booms over you as she examines you from head to toe. She can't escape. You look good enough to eat. She is so beautiful! You just want to crawl up inside her big mouth, feel her big red lips envelope your tiny body. Her big beautiful white teeth glisten and flash as she tells you what she might do to you. You can hardly stand it as you see her mouth begin to water. You HOPE she decides to eat you. You cannot WAIT to be inside of her. She teases you with her tongue, her lips, her teeth, her uvula. Will you BE so lucky as to be gobbled up by this Goddess of a Giantess?

This video was shot with a macro lens, so the extreme close ups are incredibly clear & detailed!!

Features: Giantess, extreme close-up, POV, eyes, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, face fetish, mouth fetish, brunette, dirty talk, tongue, throat, vore

Starring: Cali Logan
Length: 11 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $12.99 (HD 1080), $11.99 (HD 720), $10.99 (SD 360)





Diana is tired of her lazy roommate Calif never helping out around the house. So,. she's going to put her new knowledge of entrancement to good use. Diana makes a deal with Cali - Cali will let Diana "try" to entrance her. It will be no use of course,.. as Cali thinks her mind is too strong. She's mistaken. Not only is Diana able to entrance Cali easily,... She is able to humiliate her by commanding her to strip completely naked, then cluck like a chicken,.. and make her say, "Yes, Master." Diana is loving her new ability! Diana wakes up Cali so that she can know her predicament. Cali is humiliated but defiant. Diana continues to control. She freezes Cali,,.. then uses the opportunity to have some fun with the hot little brunette. Diana rubs Cali to just within orgasm,.. then stops leaving Cali humiliated and frustrated. Now that the fun is done,.. it's time for Cali to do her chores. Diana commands Cali to clean the kitchen..... NAKED!

Features: Entrancement, Hypnosis, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Stripping, Mind Control, Woman Following Orders, Panties, Fondling

Starring: Cali Logan, Diana Knight
Length: 16 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $17.99 (1080 HD), $16.99 (720 HD), 15.99 (SD)



I absolutely adore this video!  So much so,.. I re-worked it and and re-releasing it in time for Christmas.  Sinn Sage is the hottest spanking model there is.  She LOVES to get her ass beaten.  And it's so much fun to do so.

Naughty disney princesses.  My strange little fetish.  LOL.  Enjoy!


Alice & Snow have gotten together for a very important play date. Alice has a newly acquired throne that she wants to show off to Snow. Naughty Snow thinks it would make a fantastic spanking chair. Alice is more than happy to oblige her. Alice really loves Snow's supple cheeks and spanks Snow until her ass is nice and red, like two big round red apples. Snow groans with pleasure,.. so much so,.. that Alice is jealous and wants to take her turn in the chair. Snow obliges her. They both takes turns spanking and playing with each other until Alice decides it's time for some serious naughtiness.

Features: Spanking, Cosplay, Fantasy, Redd Ass, BDSM, FemDom, Legs, Thigh-Highs, Lesbians, Erotic Fantasy / Fairytales

Starring: Diana Knight , Sinn Sage
Length: 20 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $21.99 (HD), $20.99 (SD), 19.99 (Iphone)




Agent Diana Prince is sent on a mission to capture plans for a doomsday weapons project being planned by the Syndicate. She gains entry to their offices and is able to obtain the plans all too easily. She soon discovers why. She is ambushed by a member of The Syndicate and rendered unconscious. The Villain ties up the sexy agent with the intention of having some fun with her later. Left alone, Diana realizes her only escape and chance to capture her foe is to transform into Wonder Woman. Diana breaks free of her bonds and heads out to find her captor. Wonder Woman locates then confronts the Villain. Confused at how the Amazon found him,.. the Villain fires at Wonder Woman, but of course, this does him no good. Wonder Woman deflects his shots with ease then charges and captures him. With her Lasso of Truth, she forces the Villain to tell her the real location of the plans. Back in the office,.. Wonder Woman opens up the box where the plans are located,.. but it' s a trap. Poisonous gas sprays forth, choking Wonder Woman and knocking her out. The Villain can't believe his luck. He doesn't know where Agent Prince ran off to,.. but he doesn't care. He's got a much bigger prize in hand! He ties Wonder Woman down, subdues her with gas,.. and with her own lasso,.. forces her to tell him the true source of her power! Remove her magic belt? Done! The evil Villain not only removes Wonder Woman's belt,.. but he completely undresses her,.. even removing her boots. Now the real fun can begin. Wonder Woman is vibed, fondled, & gassed over and over in the ultimate humiliation. How will she get out of this terrible peril?

Features: Superheroines, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman spin transformation, Bullets & Bracelets, Agent Prince Disguise, Catsuit, Boots, Fondling, Billy Club Knock-out, Gas Knock-outs, Forced truth, FAUSTA, Forced Orgasms, Superheroine Peril, Bondage, Mixed Fighting, Role-reversal, Breast Fondling, Lift & Carry, Limb Play

Starring: Diana Knight, Leviathan
Length: 23 minutes
Format: MP4, WMV
Price: $23.99 (HD), $22.99 (SD)




I love surprises and I love gifts. Who doesn't?

This arrived in my mailbox the other day. 

Beautiful lingerie from Secrets in Lace!  Thank you do much to the admirer responsible. 

For those of you who have asked.  If you'd like to submit a gift, a tribute,.. My Amazon wishlist is here:  https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2CGBH84JD17NC/ref=cm_sw_r_ip_wl_DkHOsb1HK63AN

Or even if you'd like to send me something you'd like to see me wear in a production,.. Let me know here: d@dianaknight.com




Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekend.  Check out this clip I did with Chopper Dave last time I visited his shop. =)  I love how it turned out.  A real vintage feel.


I stopped by my favorite motorcycle shop on a hot southern California day. What I found in the fridge was my favorite cold treat. Mmmmmm so refreshing! The cold pop-up feels so erotic on my hot nipples and my pink pussy. I'm gonna lick, suck, & rub my way to relief from the heat. Wanna watch? 

Starring: Diana Knight
Length:  5 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $6.99 (HD), $5.99 (SD)



Hey guys,..

Check out this tumblr!  All things ASFR by my sweetie King Jeremy.


He was also kind enough to give  me a feature and some great reviews.  See that here.

Give him a shout and let him know what you think. =)



Catwoman lures Batgirl into a trap! After a chase, Batgirl is knocked out by the feline's sleeping gas. Catwoman is excited about her new toy as she ties up the sleeping heroine. She is going to teach the meddlesome bitch a lesson! Once Batgirl awakes, Catwoman begins to tease & humiliate Batgirl with a de-booting, toe licking, & finally a forced orgasm. Catwoman puts the super-slut out again with her special cat-nip. Some time later, Batgirl opens her eyes to find that she is tied to a bed, her cape beside her. She struggles, but it is not use. The ropes are too tight. Catwoman enters,. giddy about what is to happen next. Selena continues the humiliation by exposing Batgirl's soft pink pussy. She vibes Batgirl, forcing her to cum again and again. Now that Batgirl has had her fun,.. Catwoman will have her vengeance. She de-masks Batgirl. It's Barbara Gordan! Catwoman's excitement builds as she fastens her strap-on. She flips over Batgirl, entering her with a forcefulness that causes the redhead to squeal. Catwoman shows Batgirl who's boss with every hard stroke. After the fun is done,... Catwoman laughs manically as she leaves Batgirl in a defiled heap of humiliation.

Features: Superheroines, Girl-Girl, Latex, Catsuits, Boots, De-Booting, De-Masking, Forced Orgasms, Strap-On, Foot Worship, Bondage, Humiliation, Super Heroine Peril, Evil Villain, Batgirl, Catwoman, Masks

Starring: Evangeline Von Winter, Diana Knight
Length: 12 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $17.99 (HD), $16.99 (SD)




Diana is a service technician sent to repair a malfunctioning Kendrabot 2520. Kendra is riddled with errors. She constantly shuts herself down then reboots. With her diagnostic tool, Diana runs every program she can think of to repair Canards sectors and get her running like normal, but Kendra malfunctions again and again, unable to even perform a simple self-diagnostic.. Diana tries some hard reboots, but this causes the Kendrabot to boot up in different modes: first a stripperbot, then a kissingbot. As Diana continues to work, Kendrabot decides that she is the service technician. She takes the diagnostic tool away from Diana and begins to try to make repairs. Diana finally decides that it's time for some hardware adjustments. She shuts Kendra down to open up her back panel, makes a few adjustments, and then reboots the fembot. Again,. Kendra powers up and Diana orders her to run a self-diagnostic,.. but this time,.. it is Diana that begins to malfunction. She is a fembot too! Diana's systems revert to basic programming as she continues to malfunction. Diana reboots herself. This time, she is not a service tech,... but an escort. She strips Kendra. The excitement causes Kendra to reboot as an escort as well,.. complete with an extra special pleasure tool. Kendra vibes Diana to orgasm, causing Diana to short-circuit. Kendra's CPU starts to overheat,. so her systems power her down. Back to the shop with you both!

Features: Fembot Manipulation, Fembot Programming, Robotic Movement, Stripping, Malfunctions, Realistic Mode, Lesbians, Girl-Girl, Close-Ups, Robot Hands, Robot Stares, Woman Following Orders, Personality Modes, Brunette, Redhead, Female Manipulation, Real Doll, Mechanical Movement

Starring:  Kendra James, Diana Knight
Length: 15 Minutes
Price: $16.99 (HD), $15.99 (SD)




Hey guys,...

Okay,.. so I've got some dates booked with some VERY lovely ladies.  I am now taking order for custom videos. Space is VERY limited.  

Price?  That all depends on your script...so when you contact me,.. include a script or synopsis so that I can determine how much it's going to cost.  

Treat yourself!  It IS Christmas after all,.. and I BET you've been VERY good!

Here's my line-up for December:
 December 17

 December 21

December 22

December 24




How cute & sexy is she!?


Miss Jamie Daniels is a hot little brunette who invites you to look deep into her big brown eyes and to stare at her tiny little mouth. She knows this turns you on. You wonder what it would be like to be inside of he tight little mouth or to get lost in her big brown eyes. She gets so close to you that you can see every little vein in her eye. You get lost in those deep irises. She pulls her lips apart and shows you her gums. Every vein on display. Her wet mouth is so enticing. What would it be like to just crawl up inside her. You are so close to her face,... you can't stand it. Your so aroused and she knows this. She encourages you to stroke it to your heart's delight. Jamie is turned on that her mouth and eyes make you hard. She encourages you to pump your cock as you grow and grow. She's watching you jerk off with those big brown eyes. You stroke it until you can't contain yourself anymore. She wants to see you cum, so she gives you a countdown.... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - You shoot your load into the air as she watches with her big brown eyes. Her tight little mouth open in excitement. That's what she wanted to see! Aren't you glad you came?

Features: Extreme close-up, POV, eyes, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, face fetish, jerk-off encouragement, jerk-off instruction, masturbation instruction, brunette, brown eyes, natural look, natural lips, dirty talk, COUNTDOWN 

Starring:  Jamie Daniels
Length:  11 minutes
Format:  MP4, WMV
Price: $12.99 (HD), $11.99 (SD)



I spent the day at Bondage Cafe's studios shooting superheroine peril with Jim Weathers & Christina Carter.  What a fantastic day.  We all shot our own individual projects.  Here's a sneek peek at mine.  Look for it soon in my clips stores!

Diana as Wonder Woman & Christina as Catwoman
My thanks to Jim, Christina, and Jewel.  Thank you so much!  I cannot wait to cut this together!




Sheer silk stockings turn me on. I'm going to slowly put on my stockings, modeling them for you as I go. Look at how smooth they make my legs look. So amazing! The sheerness & and the softness against my legs is making me hot. As I slip on my favorite pair of heels,.. Mmmmmm,. I just can't stand it. I need to play with myself,.. get my off. Thank goodness I have my fave toy right here with me. I undo the crotch of my foundation revealing my pink mound. I spread my legs to show you everything, then vibe myself to an overwhelming orgasm. I told you stockings turn me on.

Features: toes, arches, feet, soles, soles rubbing together, foot rubbing, hands on feet, close ups, heels, toe ring, tops of feet, bottoms of feet, legs, stockings, lingerie, garters, heels, striptease, stocking feet, pov, extreme close up, orgasm, vibrator

Starring:  Diana Knight
Length:  15 minutes
Format:  MP4
Price:  $15.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)




Ready to be dominated by Me?


Well, My little slut,. you've been in chasity for over 6 months. I've decided to take pity on you, even though you don't deserve it,.. and let you out. What the hell? I'm bored. you will entertain Me by stroking your little cock. After all, it is My toy to do with what I want. That's it you pathetic ! Stroke your shaft up and down, just as I command you to. you want to explode after such a long period of not being able to touch yourself but you won't until I tell you to. In the mean time I will torture you with My amazing ass & legs. Jack it to My silky stockings while you imagine what it would be like to cum on My large breasts... something you'll never get to do because you will never be worthy of Me. Not you slave. you will wait until I count down and allow you to come. Even then,.. you will shoot your load all over the floor. But,.. the fun is not done just yet. I command you to scoop up your load,.. pour it into my fine leather shoes,.. then drink it up! Lick all that dirty jizz out of My beautiful leather heels. I want them clean! 

Features: POV, Masturbation Instruction, Fem Dom, Vintage, Betty Page, Cum Licking instruction, Heels, Leather, Slave training, Masturbation Training, Orgasm Denial, Countdown 

Starring: Diana Knight
Length:  18 minutes
Format: MP4
Price:  $19.99 (HD), $18.99 (SD)




I've got a banana and you get to watch me eat it!  I love the taste and shape of bananas. As I lick, suck, and slide it down my throat,.. you can imagine that's it's really,.. well,.. you figure it out. ;-)  

This video was shot with a macro lens, so the extreme close ups are incredibly clear & detailed!!

Features: lip biting, tongue play, opening & closing, pov, extreme close-ups, kisses, scrunching lips, tongue flicking & rolling, lip smacking, teeth, lips, deep throat, long tongue, food, eating, food in mouth, picking teeth, gums, uvula

Starring:  Diana Knight
Length:  12 minutes 
Format:  MP4
Price:  $13.99 (HD), $12.99 (SD)



Kendra buys a self-protection device that emits an electrical current.  She thinks it will be fun to test it on her roommate Diana.  When she does, Diana seems to short-circuit. Kendra is startled.  Suddenly Diana begins to jerk, twitch, move mechanically,..and she keeps repeating the word "Error! Error!"  Could this be?  Diana is a robot!!  Kendra's mind immediately begins to run amuck with all the possibilities. She hits the nipple reset button to clear the error, then goes to Diana's room to investigate.  What she finds is a remote.  She can't believe her luck.  Her very own robot!  Excited, Kendra robots Diana.  As her base personality comes back on-line, Diana is mortified that Kendra has discovered her secret and is holding her remote.  Kendra discovers that she can control Diana's every move, even her face,... and runs Diana through a series of expressions.  Bored with her new fembot routines, Kendra decides that she needs to re-program Diana with some programs that will be more to her liking.  She closes Diana's personality program, plugs her in via a USB interface,.. where else,.. via her pussy,.... opens up her Diana's control panel and downloads some new routines.  After a reboot, Kendra runs Diana through a dance program, a maid program,.. and finally,.. an escort program.  Finally some fun! But,.. just as things start to heat up,... Diana's batteries run down.  She powers down,. leaving Kendra very disappointed and very frustrated.

Features: Fembot Manipulation, Fembot Programming, Robotic Movement, Stripping, Malfunctions, Realistic Mode, Lesbians, Girl-Girl, Close-Ups, Robot Hands, Robot Stares, Woman Following Orders, Personaltiy Modes, Brunette, Redhead, Female Manipulation, Real Doll, Mechanical Movement

Starring: Kendra James, Diana Knight
Length:  14 minutes
Format:  MP4
Price:  $15.99 (HD), $14.99 (SD)





Good morning! Time to brush my teeth. I strip out of my robe. I load up my toothbrush with toothpaste then get right to it. Moving the brush back & forth over the enamel, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Gotta get right in there. That's the spot! So much foam in my mouth. I open wide so you can see my teeth, my tongue, all the foam,.. and all my spit.. My mouth waters quite a bit,.. My drool and spit drip out as I model my mouth for you. It's not quite clean the first time,.. so I brush again. Gotta be sure to rinse! So I drink, swish, gargle, & spit water a few times. Mmmmm... don't you just love watching me brush my teeth?

Features: teeth fetish, toothpaste, teeth, tongue, brushing teeth, swishing, spitting, drool, dirty talk, close-ups, POV, mouth fetish, lip fetish, pursed lips, teeth, tongue, wet & messy mouth, topless.

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 11 minutes
Format: MP4 & WMV
Price: $12.99 (HD), $11.99 (SD)





Kendra finds her grandmother's old tiara in the attic. She thinks it will be fun to play with it. When she "crowns" Diana,.. she finds that it has a magical effect - it freezes it's wearer. Kendra find this to be amusing. Diana doesn't believe at first,.. but then realizes that the tiara does indeed hold some kind of magical trance power. Kendra is amused at Diana's resistance and decides to have some fun. She uses the tiara to freeze Diana, undress her, then unfreeze her. Diana is embarrassed and furious. Diana grabs the tiara from Kendra and returns the favor. The back & forth play of freezing, manipulation, humiliation, & unfreezing begins until Diana decides she's had enough. She's going to send Mannequin Kendra to her sister's shop for display. That'll teach Kendra to toy with her!

Features: Freeze, Fondling, Mind Control, Limb Play, Freeze/Unfreeze, Trance, Blank Eyes, Extreme Close-Ups, Feet, Breast, Panties, Upskirt, Arches, Toes, HipN0tic Control

Starring: Kendra James, Diana Knight
Length: 17 minutes
Price: $18.99 (HD), $17.99 (SD)




I've got a brand new pair of Betty Page stockings. They make my legs and my feet feel so smooth, silky,.. amazing! I model them for you. I show off my pretty stockings feet for you. You can just smell and taste my pretty toes, arches, & soles. You like bare feet? Of course. I slowly take off my stockings so that you can smell, lick, & taste my pretty feet. Be a good pet,.. and I'll put my feet on your face! xo

Features: toes, arches, feet, soles, soles rubbing together, foot rubbing, hands on feet, close ups, heels, toe ring, tops of feet, bottoms of feet, legs, stockings, lingerie, garters, heels, striptease, stocking feet, pov, extreme close up

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 11 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $12.99 (HD), $11.99 (SD)





Because I love classic literature,.... And view social media as a necessary evil.




Just a funny moment from the other day as Kendra James and I were shooting customs.  Even though scripts get written, improve happens quite frequently during our video shoots.  Especially when we forget our lines.

Here,.  for an instant,.. Kendra seems to channel our dear friend Anastasia Pierce who loves to use the word "super".   Cracked me up.

We love you Ana!




I got a new sexy #mouthfetish clip with the super hot Kendra James.


Super hot redhead Kendra James is going to tease & taunt you with scrumptios ruby red lips & tempting mouth.  As she plays with her lips and licks her teeth,.. she tells you what it's like to be inside her mouth.  She seduces you not only with her mouth, but also with her smoldering eyes.  You can't help but want to bury yourself in her tight little orafice.  She drinks & drools as you imagine how wet it is inside her mouth and what her hot tongue must feel like against you bare skin. 

This video was shot with a macro lens, so the extreme close ups are incredibly clear & detailed!!

Features: lip biting, tongue play, opening & closing, pov, extreme close-ups, kisses, scruntching lips, tongue flicking & rolling, lip smacking, teeth, lips, deep throat, long tongue, spit, drool

Starring:  Kendra James
Length: 11 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price:  $12.99 (HD), $11.99 (SD)



I love what I do because I get to work with my friends! Yesterday I spent the day with my sweetie Kendra James shooting fembot & freeze customs. When we were done we got in some extra stuff - Mercenary vs Mercenary.

photo Matt Hunt