You've sneaked into Cheyenne's house because you want to get as close as you can to the amazing Giantess. She discovers you, of course. You want her to. She wants to know what you're doing in her house,.. but she already knows. She threatens to stomp you with her spiked heels. You tremble at the thought of being squashed by her giant shoes. What it would be like to just crawl up inside her gigantic pumps. You love her feet and she knows it. You such a naughty little man. Cheyenne teases you with her soles, her heels, her toes. She lets you lick the bottom of her feet. How amazing! Next she taunts you with her gigantic ass. She might even let you crawl right up in there. Let you wiggle around in there. Oooo! The thought. You're so cute she decides to keep you,.. and you get your wish. She lets you hop right into her shoe. Away you go!

Features: Giantess, extreme close-up, POV, brunette, ass worship, arches, toes, feet, heels, shoes, shoes worship, stomping, legs

Starring: Cheyenne Jewel
Length: 11 minutes
Price: $12.99 (1080p), $11.99 (720p), $10.99 (360p)





I am Morgan and, yes,.. I AM a Vampire. I saw you and decided that you would be mine. I entranced you into coming home withe me,.. and now I'm going to hypn0tize you into loving Me and Worshiping Me. I will be your Mistress and you will be Mine. While I have you in a trance, I will seduce you with my eyes, my teeth, and if you're lucky,.. my magnificent breasts. You will service Me and when I'm hungry, you will feed Me. Before I let you go,.. I'm going to feed on you. Just a little taste to see if you are as yummy as I think you are. I will bring you out of your trance. You will remember nothing. Only that you love and worship your Mistress. And you'll do anything to please Me. You won't remember any of this. You've been GLAMOURED

Features: HypnOsis, Vampire, POV Femdom, Breasts, Fangs, Female Domination, POV biting, Mind Control, Leather, Lingerie

Starring: Diana Knight

LENGTH: 17 minutes
PRICE: $18.99 / $17.99 / 16.99





Diana's pesky neighbor Levi stops by to get Diana's help with his current work project- making robots out of humans. Little does she know that this is all a ruse Levi's been planning to have his way with her. After Levi injects Diana with special nanites, she's paralyzed to defend herself against her inevitable transformation into his new fembot. Levi programs Diana to be his willing servant and sex slave. Levi is so excited he can't wait to get started with all the naughty things he has in mind for Diana, he immediately initiates her new subroutines. He's going to have her do so many things she would never do before! Stripteases, Orgasms, oh my!!

Features: Fembot Conversion, Fembot Programming, Robotic Movement, Orgasms, Fembot Manipulation, Striptease, Heels, Legs

Starring: Diana Knight, Leviathan
Length: 21 minutes
Price: $22.99 (1080), $21.99 (720), $20.99 (360)





Diana is a sexy secretary who has an unpleasant and demanding boss. Ms. Michelle storms into the office, throws her driving gloves and keys onto Diana's desk, and demands that Diana park her car. As Diana reaches for the keys, she's taken aback by the soft supple leather driving gloves. They look so delicious. She knows her boss will be occupied for a while, so Diana dares to try on these lambskin delights. They are so soft and smell so good that Diana can't help but indulge her favorite fetish. She smothers herself in the smell of the leather. She gets so turned on that she begins to touch and fondle herself. As she gets more comfortable, Diana is overwhelmed by the erotic sensations that come over her. She reaches for her favorite toy to further her release from this kinky indulgence. She masturbates until she cums so hard that she realizes perhaps maybe her boss heard her. A little ashamed of her behavior, Diana sneaks away to accomplish the task at hand.

Features: Gloves, Leather, Hand Over Mouth, Smothering, Naughty Secretary, Boots, Stockings, Masturbation, Orgasm

Starring: Diana Knight 
Length: 11 minutes
Price: $12.99 (1080), $11.99 (720), $10.99 (360)





Evangeline wants to learn to be a great wrestler, so she asks Diana, a multi-title holder, to come over and give her some pointers. Diana starts off with some basic wrestling moves, showing Evangeline how to get the best of her opponent... but,... Diana knows that Evangeline has ulterior motives for her sudden interest in wrestling and she's going to punish Eva for her "rookie" mistake. Diana puts a tight sleeper hold on Evangeline until she passes out. Then,. Diana punishes Evangeline with a series of punches to the belly, breasts, and crotch. Diana pummels her until every part of Evangelines body is distroyed. That'll teach her!

Features: Belly punching, wrestling holds, bikinis, nudity, breatst torture, female domination, redhead, Amazon/small girl

Starring: Evangeline Von Winter, Diana Knight
Length: 17 Minutes
Price: $18.99 (1080), $17.99 (720), $16.99 (360), $15.99 (Ipod)





Cheyenne has always had feelings for Diana that go beyond just being roommates. Their "creepy" neighbor Larry is a hypnotist who has, without her remembering, hypnotized Diana to freeze whenever Cheyenne says the magic word. After an evening out, Cheyenne is ready to play! She freezes Diana, strips her, and manipulates with her... posing her in strange and sexy positions. Cheyenne takes advantage of an entranced Diana,... kissing, fondling,.. and commanding her living doll to masturbate for her mistress's own viewing pleasure. So hot! Cheyenne has tons of hypno/freeze fun by occasionally snapping Diana out of her trance to watch Diana's embarrassment,.. but ultimately Diana is her mindless slave to play with and control!

Features: Freeze, Freeze Play, Freeze Poses, Fondling Stripping, Limb Play, Manipulation, Lesbians, Girl-Girl, Masturbation, Kissing

Starring: Diana Knight, Cheyenne Jewel

LENGTH: 16 minutes
PRICE: $17.99 (1080), $16.99 (720), $15.99 (360), $14.99 (270)





Mistress Diana has told her Swiss maid Anastasia a thousand times NOT to play with her toys and NOT to play on her bed,.. but what does Anastasia do? Well,.. this time she's going to be punished! Diana binds Anastasia's arms in a single-glove, shuts up her backtalk with a ballgag,.. and spanks her bad maid properly. Just for added measure,.. the Mistress humiliates the help by forcing her to orgasm. She finishes off the lesson by leaving Ana to stuggle alone. That'll teach her!

Features: Spanking, Flogging, Latex, Submissive Slut, Bondage, Forced Orgasm, Struggling, FemDom, Heels

Starring: Diana Knight, Anastasia Pierce
Length: 16 Minutes
Price: $16.99 (720), $15.99 (360), $14.99 (Ipod)




Previously released. Remastered & now in FULL 1080 HD!


Wonder Woman & Batgirl answer the same distress call. Little do they know that they are about to be pitted against each other. Batgirl is entranced into helping a villain capture, de-belt, & knock out Wonder Woman. Once the villain has locked the heroines up, Wonder Woman finds out exactly who is behind this evil plot - The Overlord With one super slut under his control,.. there's only one Amazon to go! Wonder Woman is entranced into slavery. Both given their own KO rag,.. now the only thing left to do is command the two mindless slaves to fight it out to the death,.. Slumber style!!

Features: Superheroines, Superheroine in Peril, KO's, Slumber, Lift & Carry, Entrancement, Latex, Masks, Bondage, Sleepy, Catfight, Mind-Control

Starring: Diana Knight, Evangeline Von Winter, Leviathan
Length: 13 Minutes
Price: $14.99 (1080), $13.99 (720), $12.99 (360), $11.99 (Ipod)



A previous release,.. remastered & now in FULL 1080 HD!


Diana answers Paris's ad for a new roommate. Little does she know that what Paris is really looking for,... is her own real-life mannequin. Paris uses her special video camera to entrance Diana into a mindless state.Paris is so amused by how easily Diana is put into the trance, that she decides to play with her for a bit. Paris manipulates, poses, strips, and fondles Diana before bringing her out of the trance. Paris is pleasured by watching Diana's embarrassment at her obvious "blackouts" Knowing she now has full control of her subject, Paris first freezes then snaps Diana out of her trance again and again,.. each time delighting in Diana's humiliation at being topless and unable to account for the past few minutes. Finally Paris leaves Diana helpless, entranced, and posed like the mannequin she is about to become.

Features: Trance/Freeze, Freeze Play, Freeze Poses, Fondling Stripping, Limb Play, Manipulation, Lesbians, Girl-Girl, Mannequin Poses, Humiliation

Starring: Diana Knight, Paris Kennedy
Length: 12 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $13.99 (1080p), 12.99 (720p)




A 400 year old vampire fashion mogul is hiring a new modeling agency to represent her hosiery line. It's been a while since she's fed,. and she's excited about the opportunity to have a go at a whole group of beautiful meals,.err.. women. First she'll start with the agency owner Kendra. Kendra arrives to discuss her plan for promoting Knight On the Town Fashions. Diana is pleased but wants Kendra to sample the product before they discuss things further. She leaves Kendra to change into the hosiery  When she returns,. Kendra tells Diana that she does indeed love the tights,.. loves the way they feel on her skin. Diana cackles with delight,.. but not at Kendra's sentiments,.. She is pleased that Kendra is falling into her trap.  Diana uses her magical ring to glamour Kendra's mind, while the magical hosiery entrances Kendra's body. Kendra is commanded to remove her clothes, then Diana's. Diana feeds on the sexy redhead as Kendra worships her legs and feet. Both vampire and prey are swept away in the passion of legs, feet, feeding, feasting. The pair mutually masturbate until they cum.. All the while Kendra is under Diana's control. After she's had her fun,.. Diana releases Kendra from her spell, of course,... with no memory of what has just transpired. Only thing Kendra knows is that she can't wait to get to work on Diana's account,...  And send her new mistress as many girls as she desires.

Features: pantyhose, girl-girl, hypn0, induction, mind control,  stripping, foot worship, ass worship, feet. toes arches, legs, suggestions implanted, mindless slave, redheads, foot play, orgasms, confusion

Length: 25 Minutes
Price: $22.99 (1080), $21.99 (720), $20.99 (360), $19.99 (270)






Kristen has been a good little submissive, so Diana is going to tie her up and give her a special treat... TICKLE TORTURE!! Diana tickles Kristen's cute little feet with evil intent, but Kristen gets wet with exquisite pain and pleasure all at once. Just imagine if she had been bad!

Features: Bondage, tickling, feet, catsuit, boots, toes, lingerie, dom/sub

Starring: Diana Knight, Kristen Cameron
Length: 12 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $12.99 (1080p), $11.99 (720p)





Evangeline is Diana's overworked & underpaid personal assistant who's been embezzling from the company for some time now. When Diana finally has a look at the books,.. she discovers what a bad girl Evangeline has been! This is good,.. because now Diana has her assistant right where she wants her - Evangeline now has to do whatever Diana wants or else it's off to jail with her. Diana is going to have her way with her redheaded assistant. After she's taken Evangeline out with a sleeper hold, undressed her, and  tied her up,.. Diana slips into something "more comfortable".   Evangeline struggles to free herself but fails . Diana then proceeds to punish  her girl by forcing her to orgasm! Humiliated,... Evangeline is left tied to the bed to "think" about what she's done wrong and to ponder what Diana will do next.

Features: Bondage, Ball-Gag, Pantyhose, Stockings, Legs, Female Dominance, Female Desperation, Secretary, Forced Orgasm, Office Domination, Redhead

Starring: Diana Knight, Evangeline Von Winter
Length: 21 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $22.99 (1080), $21.99 (720), $20.99 (360), $19.99 (Ipod)



DINNER DATE: A Vore Fantasy

You've got a dinner date with a sexy redhead. You cannot believe how hot she looks in her rubber dress. You are so enamored with it you hardly hear what she is saying. Those tits,.. that ass,... She catches you staring and begins to tease you with her rubber wrapped curves. You are drawn in by this dress.... completely enthralled when you notice that you're starting to feel funny. Your date is horrified as it seems that you are shrinking! Her horror turns to delight as she confesses that she is the cause of your demise. Her dress is magic and it is the reason that you now find yourself a fraction of her size. She;s going to have you for dinner,.. but not quite the way you had hoped. She picks you up and teases you with her red lips, white teeth, pink tongue. She salivates as she talks about how she is going to eat you up. You are going to feel so good in her tummy. She can't wait. The giantess presses you against her massive breasts and smooth stomach. You heart is pounding from the journey you are about to take. Bon Apetite!

Features: Giantess, Shrinking POV, Ass, Big Tits, Latex, Rubber Extreme Close Up, Eyes, Redhead, Third person vore, Lips, Teeth, Mouth, Tongue, Chewing, Swallowing

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 10 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $11.99 (HD 1080), $10.99 (HD 720), $9.99 (SD 360)




Kristen gets all hot and bothered by reading her pantyhose/feet book. She decides to relieve her longing by getting naked and slipping into a pair of her favorite pantyhose. See her show you her beautiful toes, arches, legs, ass and pussy in a pair of sheer, silky nylons. 

Features: bottom of bare feet, toes, legs, ass, pussy against pantyhose, ass shots, dangling, arches, heels 

Starring: Kristen Cameron
Format: MP4
Length: 11 Minutes
Price: $12.99 (1080), $11.99 (720), $10.99 (360), $9.99 (270)




Diana loves latex. Dia loves balloons. So, the two get together for some kinky rubber fun! Clad in rubber hoods, these two hot fetish models blow up donut balloons, lube them up,.. and then proceed to be naughty with them.... Even going for "double penetration" looner-style!

Features: Balloons, Latex, Latex Hoods, Balloon Popping, Swollen Balloons, Topless Girls, Lubing, Balloon Penetration, Light-Hearted Sexy Talk, Real Dialogue/Action, Girl-Girl

Starring: Diana Knigh, Dia Zerva
Length: 7 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $8.99 (HD), $7.99 (SD), $6.99 (Ipod) 





I love gloves! Specifically leather gloves. The smell, the look, the feel,... and I can't wait to show some of my collection to you. Wearing vintage lingerie, I start with a short black pair trimmed in fox fur. I rub them all over my face, breasts, and legs. Next, my favorites- a pair of kit-skin opera length, with buttons at the wrist. So luxurious! They make me feel so sexy and alive. So good on my skin as I squeeze my breasts and tweak my nipples. Then, ... it's a pair of driving gloves from Agent Provocateur. These are the best smelling pair. I get so hot as I smother myself. Finally, a pair of red opera gloves. Mmmmmm,.... the feeling as I slip them on and off. I rub them all over my body. How good they feel on my pussy and how hot I get... 

Features: leather gloves, legs, stockings, ass, breast grabbing, crotch grabbinng, masturbation, hand smothering, vintage lingerie

Starring: Diana Knight
Format: MP4
Length: 18 minutes
Price: $19.99 (1080p), $18.99 (720p), $17.99 (360p), $16.99 (270p)




Kendra & Diana are sales partners about to embark on a very important sales trip. Diana is completely and inappropriately prepared. This send Kendra into a tailspin as she fears losing the big sale. Diana tries to calm Kendra with the pleasures of her brand new Platino pantyhose. Diana sees how Kendra is confused by the sensation of her shiny nylons. She takes the opportunity and Kendra's confusion to entrance Kendra into a deep suggestive state. Once Kendra is under her complete control,.. Diana commands Kendra to strip and touch herself. Then, slave Kendra is made to worship her mistresses nylon legs and feet. How hot is is when Diana vibes her to a wet orgasm. Now that Diana knows that Kendra is so easy to entrance, she changes into her true business persona, snaps Kendra out of her spell, and takes delight in knowing what a great trip this is going to be!

Features: pantyhose, Platinos, girl-girl, hypnosis, induction, mind control, stripping, foot worship, ass worship, feet. toes arches, legs, suggestions implanted, mindless slave, redheads, vibe play, orgasms, confusion, female humiliation

Starring: Kendra James, Diana Knight
Length: 27 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $28.99 (1080), $27.99 (720), $26.99 (360), $25.99 (270)




Rookie Agent Kendra James is investigating the disappearance of her partner Diana. She's received a tip on Diana's possible location. Searching through the house,. Kendra is apprehended by a criminal kidnapper,.. hand smothered,.. and place in slumber. The baddie takes advantage of Agent James. He slowly undresses her and takes his time groping her beautiful body. Her pantyhose-clad legs are so amazing,.. that he spends extra time taking in their sexiness. Kendra awakes only to struggle with the abductor in vain. She is KO'd again and left as he leaves to arrange transport. Kendra awakens and assumes her captor has escaped. Staying on task,.. she continues her search for Diana. Kendra finds Agent Knight bound and gagged in a laundry closet. She frees her partner, but as the two begin to discuss their plan to apprehend the criminal,.. Kendra is once again taken out,.. THIS time by her trusted partner with an ancient nerve grip. Betrayed, .. Kendra is out cold, her future dim as she is transported to her doom. A conspiracy is at hand!

Features: slumber ko's, hand over mouth, hand gag, knock-outs, stripping, police women, redheads, bondage, gags, damsel in distress, groping, legs, pantyhose, detectives, chl0ro, hand ko's, rag ko's, vulcan deathgrip ko's., female controlling female, male controlling female

Starring: Kendra James, Diana Knight, Mason Webb
Length: 15 Minutes
Price: $16.99 (1080), $15.99 (720), $14.99 (360), $13.99 (Ipod)



Come down to Collector's Paradise Canoga Park on September 17, 6pm-8pm to meet SIRENS creator George Pérez and me.  We'll be signing variant copies of George's new amazing series from Boom! Studios that feature moi on the cover as Sirens villain Naida.

Proceeds benefitting Hero InitiativeGeorge will do two sketches, via a raffle, awarded to people doing donations to Hero Initiative or signing up for their Ralph's Club promotion. We will also have an EXCLUSIVE print available with minimum purchase of Sirens or other George Perez items.

More info here and here.



**Non-Smoking Version**

Wonder Woman is led into a trap by the evil villainess. Believing that she rescuing a little girl, the Amazon princess steps into what is to be her doom. A door slams shut. An ominous voice greets her and informs her she is about to meet her end. Wonder Woman shrugs off the threat and prepares to battle her newest adversary - an ultra-powered laser cannon. At first, she meets the barrage of attacks with no problem,.. deflecting the beams with her bracelets. But the lasers are powerful and quick. Wonder Woman starts to tire. She finds she cannot keep up with the hits. Each laser she absorbs weakens her strength and endurance. She is hit. Diana keeps her defense, but she is hit again. Feeling drained and unsure of what to do, she realizes that she may have met her match. Wonder Woman realizes she is at her end. She rises to meet her end. Hit from ever angle, Diana falls to her knees. Once last hit to the head and she is ended.

Now that Wonder Woman is no longer. The villainess reveals in her trophy. She lays the princess out, undresses her, fondles her, and takes photos for her collection. She talks about her plans to do the same to Supergirl and Batgirl. She can't wait to introduce them to her death trap as well. Happy with her new prize, our Villainess play with Wonder Woman's limp body and fantasizes about what she's going to do next.

Features: Superheroines, Wonder Woman, Bullets & Bracelets, Beatdown, Breast Hits, Crotch Hits, Wonder Woman Destruction, Superheroine Peril, Undressing / Stripping, Degradation, Humiliation, Nudity, Limbplay, Fondling.

Starring: Diana Knight, Evangeline Von Winter
Length: 11 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $12.99 (1080p)




Diana is obsessed with Mallory's long, thick hair. She needs to get close to it, feel it, smell it. She hand gags Mallory to slumber over and over,.. so that she can drink in the smell and feel of this cutie's luxurious locks! 

Features: slumber ko's, hand over mouth, hand gag, hair smelling, hair fondling, brushing hair, hair worship, knock-outs 

Starring: Mallory Page, Diana Knight 
Format: MP4 
Length: 15 minutes 
Price: $16.99 (1080), $15.99 (720), $14.99 (360) $13.99 (270)



Happy Friday, Guys!

So my country stay is coming to an end... I'm back home next week and very excited about it.. Although I will say,..  The quiet has allowed me to get a lot of work done.  It's been nice.  I'm back to the noisy city next week.   But,. before I get on a plane,.. I wanted to get this done for you guys.  My newest release,..  Starring Cheyenne Jewel.  This is Cheyenne's first attempt at Fembot/ASFR,.. So I kept it pretty simple.  Let me know what you think.  

Everyone have a great weekend.  I will be celebrating MY BIRTHDAY!! I'm gonna drink. A LOT.



Cheyenne & Diana are headed out for a night on the town when Cheyenne starts to have a small problem. She's malfunctioning. Diana is shocked to discover that her bestie is a robot! Shocked but excited. Diana has had a little bit of experience with synthetics at work,.. but she's never been able to really play with a unit the way she wanted to,.. until now. It's obvious that Cheyenne is unaware of what she is,.. and this makes everything more fun. Diana first has some fun with Cheyenne's remote control. She makes Cheyenne move around robotically and do chores such a cleaning the house. Eager to try out a new pleasurebot app,.. Diana plugs in to Cheyenne's port to upload the new program. First things first. Masturbation. Diana watches eagerly as Cheyenne can't help but give in to the new sensations she is feeling. Suddenly Cheyenne can't believe her luck at being a robot. Diana shows the fembot one of her accessories - her very own personal vibrator located in her hand. Cheyenne uses her new found toy. She's never known such pleasure and she's thankful to her friend for showing her. As Cheyenne explodes with the best orgasm she's ever had,.. she short-circuits. Now disappointed and frustrated,.. Diana calls her IT guy at the office and sets off to get her new toy repaired.

Features: fembot, robot, remote control, unaware fembot, masturbation, pussy rubbing, malfunctions, power-downs, power-ups, maid program, installation, diagnostics

Starring: Cheyenne Jewel, Diana Knight
Length: 11 Minutes
Price: $12.99 (1080), $11.99 (720), $10.99 (360), $9.99 (Ipod)



A new #sleepy #chloroform #handovermouth #pantyhose #groping release!


Ready to spend a relaxing weekend at home alone, Diana starts to relax with a good read until she hears a strange sound. An masked intruder jumps out and cracks her on the head,. knocking her out. The creepy intruder feels up the sleeping damsel until she starts to wake up. Not ready for the fun to end, he pulls out his slumber solution,.. and after a struggle,.. puts Diana back to sleep. The creep continues his fun,.. now undressing Diana. With his back turned,.. focusing on her feet,.. the redhead wakes up,.. kicks out,. and runs away from her aggressor. She tries to escape but is unsuccessful as he chases her upstairs and again,... knocks her out with a pop to the head. More fondling. More slumber,. More clothes come off,. until,.. He gets a phone call. While The Creep is away, Diana awakes. She cant' believe the nerve of this guy. She sneaks away to plot her revenge. The Creep is angry when he returns to find his prize has vanished. Diana jumps out and give him a taste of his own medicine! Now that the intruder is out,.. Diana calls the police. Just when she thinks she is saved, she lets her guard down. The Creep is able to sneak up on her, knock her out, and carry her away. She's really gonna get it now!

Features: Knock-out, Slumber, Chl0ro, Stripping, Redhead, Lingerie, Woman Following Orders, Intruder, Humiliation, Female Desperation, Erotic Magic, Limb-play, Female Manipulation, Feet, Pantyhose, Fondling, Sleep, Blackjack, Billy Club, Rolling Eyes, Close Ups

Starring: Diana Knight, Ray Andrews
Length: 12 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $13.99 (1080), $12.99 (720), $11.99 (360), $10.99 (Ipod)



Check out my latest release!


Mallory Page invites you to look inside her mouth. Her cute teeth and wanting lips are too much for you not to resist. She wants to taste you. To gobble you up and suck on you. The voluptuous blue veins of her tongue drive you crazy. You want to get insider her mouth. Slide down her throat. Get ready for a warm, wet ride!

Features: teeth fetish, teeth, tongue, dirty talk, close-ups, POV, mouth fetish, lip fetish, pursed lips, teeth, tongue, wet & messy mouth, uvula, veins

Starring: Mallory Page



New sleepy release!


Diana is displeased with her marketing expert. Sales of her new nightgown line are not meeting projections. It's time to make a change. Diana calls Eve into her office to break the bad news. In an effort to save her job, Eve comes up with a new plan to attract customers - create a realistic knock-out campaign by drugging the models. Being the naughty girl that Diana is,.. she likes the idea and asks Eve to demonstrate. Eve demonstrates each option for the campaign: pills, chloroform, a gas mask, and a hypno spray. What Eve doesn't know is the Diana is planning to have Eve do the demonstration personally. When Diana insists on this, Eve reluctantly complies in order to save her job. With each option,. Diana takes advantage of Eve's state to fondle and grope her. Each time Diana removes and article of clothing. Diana strips Eve, then dresses the redhead in one of her nightgowns. Deciding that she's rather have Eve as a model,.. Diana forces Eve to take the hypno spray. The helpless girl doesn't know that she's about to be converted into a beautiful napping real doll.

Features: Knock-out, Chloroform, Stripping, Redhead, Lingerie, Woman Following Orders, Erotic Magic, Limb-play, Female Manipulation, Gas Mask

Starring: Diana Knight, Evangeline Von Winter
Length: 16 Minutes
Price: $17.99 (1080), $16.99 (720), $15.99 (360), $14.99 (Ipod)



Remastered and now in FULL 1080p HD!


Levi has just purchased his new fembot and he is very excited to get her going. When he first starts her up, he finds that she can only perform the most basic function. Good thing he decided to add all the upgrades. Levi takes his new fembot to the next level. She now speaks and can perform basic tasks, but Levi feels unsatisfied and decides to install ALL the options! After entering the correct upgrade codes, Levi cannot believe his senses. His new fembot moves, talks, and appear to be a real woman. Not only that,.. she is ready to grant his every wish... Or at least he thought.. When Levi commands his fembot to do a striptease,.. she is reluctant. Thinking her defective,.. Levi insists she perform a lap dance. The fembot finally starts to move, shyly at first, but then gets into it and starts to grind like a real pro. This is too good to be true! The fembot seems to enjoy herself a bit too much.She becomes overly aggressive. Wow! Is she strong! Levi isn't sure he likes this mode and is just about to turn down her setting when his toy puts him in a headlock and asks him if he likes to wrestle. He wanted an aggressive girl and he got one. In a panic,.. Levi downgrades the fembot.He's not sure what to do. Maybe he needs to study that instruction manual again.

Features: Fembot Upgrades, Downgrades, Tech Speak, Fembot Programming, Robotic Movement, Fembot Manipulation, Striptease, Heels, Legs, ASFR, Unaware Fembot

Starring: Diana Knight, Leviathan
Format: MP4
Length: 15 Minutes
Price: $16.99 (1080), $15.99 (720), $14.99 (360), $13.99 (Ipod)



Remastered in FULL 1080p HD!


This is Diana's second attempt at training to become a great escape artist. This time she tries a ball tie. Completely unable to move, she struggles against the ropes. She can't believe how hard it is to move, but she's determined. The ropes around her wrists, legs, chest are so tight she can barely stand it. She tries to smile,.. but the total helplessness she feels finally starts to overcome her. She realizes that she still has a long way to go,.. In the meantime,... you watch her struggle, and struggle, and struggle,... 

Rigging/Videography: Jim Weathers

SPECIAL BONUS CONTENT: Tickling, Tie release. (Jim really tickled Diana before he released her.)

Features: Rope Bondage, Fishnet Pantyhose, Low-Cut Costume, High Heels, Struggling, Tickling, Release

Starring: Diana Knight
Format: MP4
Length: 20 minutes
Price: $19.99 (1080p), $18.99 (720p), $17.99 (360p), $16.99 (Ipod)




Christina gets a visit from a masked intruder who immobilizes her with a special gas. She awakens, groggy and weak,.. The intruder standing over her. She naked bitch knows her deepest secrets and uses them against her. Christina is forced to strip. Completely naked, she is beyond humiliation. Yet, this is just the beginning for what the intruder has in store for her. Christina is forced to lay naked while the intruder vibes her,.. forcing her to cum again and again. Christina is so weak as she is vibed, gassed, and humiliated. The intruder uses her special truth gas to get what she's really come for - company secrets. She fondles and gropes Christina. Squeezing those gigantic breasts and rubbing that hot pussy. The woman is black has too much fun with her victim. She almost forgets why she came. With the info in hand,.. the intruder knocks out Christina, leaving the brunette humiliated and out cold.

Features: Forced stripping, female desperation, humiliation, forced orgasms, FemDom, legs, POV, woman following orders, hand over mouth, forced truth, catsuit, boots, mask, interrogation

Starring: Christina Carter, Diana Knight
Length: 23 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $24.99 (1088), $23.99 (720), $22.99 (360), $21.99 (Ipod)



... With rigging & videography by Jim Weathers!


Diana has always wanted to be a great escape artist like her idol Houdini. And she's always been pretty good,... but she knows that if she wants to be GREAT,.. she's gotta test herself. Dressed in a very sexy costume & fishnets,.. and ready with plenty of rope,.. Diana is tied up ever so tightly. She struggles and squirms to get out of this tie,.. but her rigger is playing dirty and isn't going to let her get out so easily. Does Diana escape? Maybe. Maybe not. Download the clip and find out!

Features: Rope Bondage, Fishnet Pantyhose, Low-Cut Costume, High Heels, Struggling

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 24 minutes
Price: $24.99 (1080), $23.99 (720), $22.99 (360), $21.99 (Ipod)



SO excited to have Christina Carter back in my Fetish Sanctum!


Christina visits Diana, suspicious that she has something to do with their friend Akira's changed behavior. Diana assures Christina that nothing is wrong as she touches and plays with her new pantyhose. Christina can't help being drawn in my the shimmery, sparkling nylons. Diana seizes the opportunity to entrance Christina with her gorgeous pantyhose-clad legs and her feet. She uses her dangling shoe to put the busty brunette under. Once Christina is completely under her control, Diana orders her new slave to worship her feet and legs.The foot-play continues. Diana bends Christina over to play with and worship his voluptuous, round ass. Turned on, Diana pulls out her favorite vibrator and commands Christina to pleasure her with it. Her ecstasy is sweet as Diana then takes the vibe and uses it on Christina,.. making her cum oh so loudly. Now that Diana has had her fun,.. it's time to implant a suggestion in Christina. Now that she has Christina under her spell,.. Diana leaves Christina with the suggestion that she is to return uncontrollably whenever she hears the trigger phrase. Before she allows Christina to leave,.. Diana tests the trigger phrase,.. It works just fine. Diana entrances Christina one more time before she leaves,.. completely wiping Christina's memory of the fun they just had. 

Features: pantyhose, girl-girl, hypn0, induction, mind control, shoe dangle induction, stripping, foot worship, feet. toes arches, legs, suggestions implanted, mindless slave

Starring: Christina Carter, Diana Knight
Length: 31 Minutes
Price: $24.99 (1080), $23.99 (720), $22.99 (360)