A sexy redheaded vampire has glamoured you and brought you to her dungeon. You aren't like all of her other meals. You're special. She's going to take her time with you. Play with you. She rubs her rubber clad body, anxious for a taste of you. . You begin to fantasize about what it will feel like when she feeds on you. You are completely entranced. You are under her spell as you gaze into her cold blue eyes. Her fangs flash as she speaks to you. You become more and more relaxed. You will fades away. Your pulse races as she unzips her top to reveal her large, round breasts. You want to lick and suck on those gigantic mounds but you are paralyzed. The vamp teases you,... excites you with her curves. She tells you that she likes you and informs you that she will not kill you,..but instead make you hers. Her human forever. Her hunger grows and she simply cannot wait any longer. She must taste you. The feeling of her fangs sinking into your neck is exquisite as you feel the last of your will fade away. You are lost in Her. A slave forever to this redheaded vamp. 

Features: Vampire, POV, Teeth, Fangs, Topless, Trance, MC, Erotic Horror, Big Tits, Latex, Stripping, Biting, Sucking, Redhead

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 13 minutes
Price: $14.99 (1080), $13.99 (720), $12.99 (SD)




Brand new release!!

Ana's car won't start, she's without a phone,.. so she walks to the nearest house for help. The door is open. She lets herself in. Such a large scary home,.. She just hopes she can find a phone. Filled with dread, Ana is about to leave when the lady of the house appears. Dark, mysterious, beautiful. Ana apologizes to her for the intrusion as the woman approaches, slowly. Ana is uneasy as the woman stares at her. It's as if she is looking into Ana's very soul. Anxious, Ana asks to use the phone one last time before being told that she will be staying the night. Ana is scared and turns quickly to leave,.. but what?! The rubber-clad woman appears before her, preventing her from leaving. Suddenly, as she stares into those cold blue eyes,.. Ana can feel will begin to fade. Her body is not her own as she drifts into a mindless state. Now that this stranger is under her complete control,.. the vampire begins to feed on her victim,.. Draining her just enough. Ana is stunned. She's been bitten by the unworldly. She can feel her body dying,. and it is painful. She awakens reborn. The feeling of her new body excites her. She is strong, sexy, immortal,... hungry. She strips out of her clothes,.. unable to stand anything on her cold skin. She is overcome with desire and can't help but to pleasure herself. Rubbing her breasts, her ass, her crotch. She strokes her over-sexed vampire pussy until she cums so hard it rattles her core. Now she is hungry. She must feed.

Features: Damsel in Distress, Vampire, Fangs, Full Nudity, Feet, Legs, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Trance, MC, Slumber, Erotic Horror, Big Tits, Pussy, Heels, Latex, Jeans Stripping, Biting, Sucking

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Diana Knight






Tech worker Diana has always thought something was off about her neighbor,.. and she's finally figured it out. Her neighbor Eve is a robot! Determined to prove it,.. Diana makes a bet with her friend that she can hack into Fembot Eve and change her programming. She'll even get photos to prove it. Diana uses an EMP gun to neutralize Evebot through the shared wall of their apartment. She then goes next door, lets herself in.. and sees the neutralized Eve. Her suspicion IS true! Now the fun begins. Diana uses her tech skills to remotely gain access to Eve's harddrive. She reboots the bot with basic working functions, making sure the bot is oblivious to her presence. First, Diana gets her proof by taking a few photos. Using only her phone, Diana opens up Evebot's control panel and runs a Dominatrix.per program. Eve is instantly transformed into a commanding Domina. Although fun,.. this personality is not quite Diana's style, so next,.. she runs a Stripper.per program. The free program turns out to be lame. Stripper Eve won't let Diana touch. Diana tries the program her friend gave her,.. Hooker.per,.. but it's corrupted. That's okay,. Diana has had her fun. She can't wait to tell her friend all about it. She exits the apartment, leaving Eve with no memory of how she got naked. Now that she knows Eve's secret,.. Diana will definitely be back for more!
Features: Fembot Manipulation, Fembot Programming, Robotic Movement, Striptease, Malfunctions, Realistic Mode, Lesbians, Girl-Girl Lap dance, Robot Hands, Robot Stares, Sexbot, Pleasurebot,Reboots




Catwoman lures Batgirl into a trap! After a chase, Batgirl is knocked out by the feline's sleeping gas. Catwoman is excited about her new toy as she ties up the sleeping heroine. She is going to teach the meddlesome bitch a lesson! Once Batgirl awakes, Catwoman begins to tease & humiliate Batgirl with a de-booting, toe licking, & finally a forced orgasm. Catwoman puts the super-slut out again with her special cat-nip. Some time later, Batgirl opens her eyes to find that she is tied to a bed, her cape beside her. She struggles, but it is not use. The ropes are too tight. Catwoman enters,. giddy about what is to happen next. Selena continues the humiliation by exposing Batgirl's soft pink pussy. She vibes Batgirl, forcing her to cum again and again. Now that Batgirl has had her fun,.. Catwoman will have her vengeance. She de-masks Batgirl. It's Barbara Gordon! Catwoman's excitement builds as she fastens her strap-on. She flips over Batgirl, entering her with a forcefulness that causes the redhead to squeal. Catwoman shows Batgirl who's boss with every hard stroke. After the fun is done,... Catwoman laughs manically as she leaves Batgirl in a defiled heap of humiliation.

Starring: Evangeline Von Winter, Diana Knight
Length: 17 minutes
Price: $18.99 (1080), $17.99 (720), $16.99 (SD), $15.99 (Ipod)





Cheyenne thinks she looks better in Diana's stretch disco jeans than she does. Cheyenne is known for her powerful ass. Diana argues that not only does she have a great ass, but SHE has tits. Who's the hottest? Who is gonna be the disco jean champion? The two divas decided to settle it in the arena. One dominates and then the other. Who will win?

Features: Wrestling, Choke Holds, Leg Scissors, Lift & Carry, Catfighting, Head Scissors, Competitive Wrestling, Topless Wrestling, Surfboard, Boston Crab, Ass, Legs, Amazons, Double Head Scissors

Starring: Diana Knight, Cheyenne Jewel
Length: 14 minutes
Price: $15.99 (1080p)



Remastered & now in Full 1080 HD!


Thee Overlord is back! When a bomb goes off at a building in her quadrant, the JLA sends Batgirl on a mission to find out who's responsible. At the scene of the crime, Batgirl encounters her old enemy The Overlord. Our heroine is about to be done in by her nemesis,.. when Wonder Woman steps in to save the day. The two think their job is done, but it's a trap! The Overlord throws a toxic gas bomb at the two super bimbos causing them to pass out at his mercy. He takes them to his lair, ties them up, and then proceeds to interrogate them. His goal? To make Batgirl his willing slave by punishing her dear friend Wonder Woman. The Overlord interrogates Wonder Woman about the source of her power. He uses gas and her lasso against her to make Wondie reveal her secret. He renders her powerless by removing her magic belt. He punishes the princess with a barrage of punches to the face, stomach, and crotch. All the while, making Batgirl watch the beat-down of her partner. The evil Overlord has injected Wonder Woman with a serum that will make her heart explode if it beats too fast. When Batgirl won't relent, The Overlord initiates a vibe strapped to Wonder Woman's crotch. The forced pleasure causes Wonder Woman's heart rate to rise until Batgirl has to give in,.. which she does. But,.. The Overlord desires the destruction of both super sluts. He vibes Wonder Woman anyway, until her heart explodes and she is done for. Just for added fun, The Overlord humiliates Batgirl with a de-masking, a de-booting, and a gassing.

Features: Superheroines, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Mixed Fighting, Kicks, Belly Punching, Face Hits, Female Desperation, Bullets & Bracelets, Choking, Costumes, Latex, Masks, De-Masking, De-Booting, Interrogation, Bondage, Humiliation, Chlor0, Fausta

Starring: Diana Knight, Evangeline Von Winter, Leviathan
Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $21.99 (1080), $20.99 (720), $19.99 (360), $18.99 (Ipod)






A stranger with the power of persuasion has gotten into Akira's home. All the stanger has to do is snap their fingers and the beautiful model is frozen in her tracks. The stranger takes advantage of Akira's state to fondle, explore and pose Akira's gorgeous body. When Akira is snapped out of her trance, she is embarrassed and humiliated. Over and over Akira is frozen, manipulated, woken up,.. and frozen again. Time is missing and she just wants the stranger to leave... but she is under the stranger's control. The stranger plays with Akira's clothes, limbs, breasts, and feet. A beautiful doll to be manipulated at will!!

Features: Freeze, Mind Control, Limb Play, Freeze/Unfreeze, Trance, Blank Eyes, Extreme Close-Ups, Feet, Breasts, Panties, Up-skirt, Shoe Removal, Arches, Toes, Hypnotic Control

Starring: Akira Lane
Price: $14.99 (HD), $13.99 (SD), $12.99 (IPOD)




Evangeline is tidying things up around the house when the doorbell rings. At her door is a service tech who has come to repair the household computer. The service tech runs some initial tests on the network,.. or at least that's what Eve thinks she is doing. Really the service tech is there to run tests on Eve. That's when the tech breaks it to Eve that she is a robot in need of repair. Eve can't believe what she's hearing and thinks the tech mad. Eve gets upset and asks the tech to leave,.. but is stopped by the techs remote. Frozen in place,.. Eve is suddenly feeling vulnerable and confused. But the tech is determined to guide Eve through her new experience of discovery. The tech starts by opening up Eve's back panel to make some minor adjustments. The feeling is pleasurable to Eve,.. and she starts to open her mind to the possibility that the tech is telling the truth. The tech takes a photo of Eve's back to show her. Eve is suddenly fascinated about being a fembot. The tech then opens up Eve's crotch panel. The manipulation of Eve's circuits starts to turn her on. The tech can't help but notice. She starts to get a little excited herself. She can't help herself. The tech strips out of her work attire and begins to seduce Eve. Things heat up when the two bots kiss, fondle, & moan their way through the service call. Just when things are really getting good,.. the tech bot overheats and locks up. Needless to say,.. Eve is feeling a bit frustrated. She decides to continue pleasuring herself. As Eve is cumming,.. she blows a fuse and is suddenly stuck. Her "husband" arrives to find the two fembots entangled & stuck. Ordinarily he'd be happy about a "double the fun" opportunity,.. but frustrated he leaves to call tech support.

Features: Fembot Manipulation, Fembot Programming, Stripping, Malfunctions, Realistic Mode, Lesbians, Girl-Girl, Robot Stares, Woman Following Orders, Redheads, Female Manipulation, Real Doll, Tech Speak, Unaware Fembot

Starring: Evangeline Von Winter, Diana Knight
Length: 18 Minutes
Price: $19.99 (1080HD), $18.99 (720HD), $17.99 (360SD)




Darrius challenges his nemesis Diana. Diana is unusually strong & resilient for someone half his size and Darrius is determined to take her cockiness down a notch or two. He starts out strong, hitting Diana with a barrage of face, belly, & breast punches. Diana takes all the hits like the Champ that she is. She lets Darrius give her a beat-down while all the while garnishing very big,.... smiles. Diana grows tired of the game and begins to teach Darrius a lesson. Not matter how hard he hits her or how much he tries,.. she just keeps coming back,.. until finally he is exhausted and defeated. Humiliated by losing to a girl!

Features: Boxing, topless boxing, mixed boxing/fighting, knockdowns, hit, hook, jab, roundhouses, trash talk, boxing ring, amazon

Starring: Diana Knight, Darrius
Length: 15 minutes
Price: $16.99



Remastered & now in FULL 1080p!


Well, My little slut, you've been in chastity for over 6 months. I've decided to take pity on you, even though you don't deserve it,.. and let you out. What the hell? I'm bored. you will entertain Me by stroking your little cock. After all, it is My toy to do with what I want. That's it you pathetic dog! Stroke your shaft up and down, just as I command you to. you want to explode after such a long period of not being able to touch yourself but you won't until I tell you to. In the mean time I will torture you with My amazing ass & legs. Jack it to My silky stockings while you imagine what it would be like to cum on My large breasts... something you'll never get to do because you will never be worthy of Me. Not you slave. you will wait until I count down and allow you to come. Even then,.. you will shoot your load all over the floor. But,.. the fun is not done just yet. I command you to scoop up your load,.. pour it into my fine leather shoes,.. then drink it up!Lick all that dirty jizz out of My beautiful leather heels. I want them clean!

Features: POV, Masturbation Instruction, Fem Dom, Vintage, Betty Page, Cum Licking instruction, Heels, Leather, Slave training, Masturbation Training, Orgasm Denial

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 18 minutes
Price: $19.99 (1080p)



Now in FULL 1080 HD!


Starring: Paris Kennedy, Diana Knight

After a few upgrades and adjustments, Paris boots up her new Dianabot and has her do a little house cleaning. Nice,.. but now it's time to have some REAL fun. Paris has downloaded a new sexual personality mode for her bot and of course she wastes no time testing it out. Starting off with a strip-tease, Dianabot is more than happy to serve and service. She gives Paris an up-close and personal lap dance before advancing into sex mode. But wait,... Malfunction. Diana reverts to mechanical mode. Paris is frustrated but believes in the Dianabot brand name. After a few choice commands,.... Dianabot becomes "fully functional". She kisses, fondles, nibbles, & pleasures Paris. Paris is so aroused that she couldn't,.. couldn't.... couldn't... Wait,.. what's this? It would seem that Paris is having a little malfunction of her own. Who is a robot and who is not? Find out when their "husband" gets home!

Features: Fembot Manipulation, Fembot Programming, Robotic Movement, Striptease, Malfunctions, Realistic Mode, Lesbians, Girl-Girl Lap dance, Close-Ups, Robot Hands, Robot Stares

Length: 15 minutes
Price: $16.99 (1080)



Now in FULL 1080 HD!


Super hot redhead Kendra James is going to tease & taunt you with scrumptious ruby red lips & tempting mouth. As she plays with her lips and licks her teeth,.. she tells you what it's like to be inside her mouth. She seduces you not only with her mouth, but also with her smoldering eyes. You can't help but want to bury yourself in her tight little orifice. She drinks & drools as you imagine how wet it is inside her mouth and what her hot tongue must feel like against your bare skin. 

This video was shot with a macro lens, so the extreme close ups are incredibly clear & detailed!!

Features: lip biting, tongue play, opening & closing, pov, extreme close-ups, kisses, scrunching lips, tongue flicking & rolling, lip smacking, teeth, lips, deep throat, long tongue, spit, drool

Starring: Kendra James
Length: 11 minutes
Price: $12.99



Happy Friday!  I've got an all-new release starring Melissa Jacobs, Christina Carter, and yours truly. Three naked hypno'ed mindless slaves? That's hot!


Melissa, Christina, & Diana get together for some fun. Melissa is excited because she wants to try out her new hypnosis skills on her friends. Diana & Christina are skeptical, but willing to indulge their friend. Melissa attempts an induction,.. but as soon as everyone begins to stare at the pendulum,.. Christina & Melissa go under. Diana laughs in amazement but realizes that she now has two mindless slaves to play with. She makes the two zombies strip & walk around the room,.. all the while uttering her new favorite phrase, "Yes, master!" After she's had some fun,.. Diana snaps the two girls out of their trances. Melissa is embarrassed at her failure. Grabbing the pendent she makes another attempt. This time she succeeds. Diana is put under trance as well. Now she has her fun. She makes Diana strip. Melissa commands Diana & Christina to make out. After she's played with the two,.. Melissa snaps the girls out of their trance. This time Christina is angry at her predicament. She grabs the pendent from Melissa, determined to try her hand at hypnosis... but alas,.. she fails,.. and all 3 girls are drawn into a mindless state. 

Features: Entrancement, Hipn0, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Stripping, Mind Control, Woman Following Orders, Panties,Fondling, Big Tits, Zombie Walk, Yes, Master's

Starring: Diana Knight, Christina Carter, Melissa Jacobs
Length: 20 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $21.99 (1080p), $20.99 (720p), $19.99 (360p), $18.99 (180p)


Excited!  Heading of to NYC in May for a little work and a little play.  While I am there I will be shooting these lovely ladies.  They are all available for custom videos.   If interested,.. contact me: d@dianaknight.com







Better sound, better color,.. and now in FULL 1080 HD!


Tomiko is having a nice quiet evening at home in her pj's when she is attacked and knocked out by a hot catsuit-clad intruder. She awakes to find herself bound as the intruder stands over her. The woman explains how she is about to "play" with Tomiko. She gags Tomiko before she begins an onslaught of belly, armpit, & crotch tickling. Tomiko is not sure what is happening. She pleads through her gag for the woman to stop,.. all the while laughing in agony. The woman doesn't stop. She moves to Tomiko's feet and begins to tickle Tomi's sexy arches. As Tomiko offers everything from money to services,.. the woman continues to tickle Tomiko relentlessly. Satisfied with her conquest,. the Intruder stands up to leave for her next house,.. but before she does,... she makes sure to knock out Tomiko again to prevent her from escaping. 

Features: Knock-outs, Bondage, Tickling, Female Desperation, Catsuit, Boots, Intruder, Home Invasion, Close-Ups. Rolling Eyes 

Starring: Diana Knight, Tomiko
Length: 13 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $14.99 (HD), $13.99 (SD), $12.99 (IPOD)


New photos!




Christina seeks out therapy for her on-going stress. What she finds is a therapist who wants to try an alternative treatment. But,... the therapist has ulterior motives as she wraps Christina in a sheet and begins to administer her own special brand of "aroma" therapy. With Christina slumbering,.. Diana smells & worships the brunette's gorgeous hair and sexy smell as she makes plans to steal Christina away. Diana has to leave for just a moment. Christina awakes and immediately jumps to action. She turns the tables on Diana by giving the therapist a taste of her own medicine.

Features: slumber ko's, hand over mouth, hand gag, hair smelling, hair fondling, hair worship, knock-outs

(This was a custom video order. Get your own custom video. Contact me: d@dianaknight.com)

Starring: Christina Carter, Diana Knight
Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $21.99 (1080), $20.99 (720), $19.99 (360), $18.99 (Ipod)


Shooting with Darrius Jones of Hit The Mat onThursday!

Wanna see me get beat up, dominated, humiliated? Or maybe you'd like to see me beat the crisp out of a guy 3 times my size?  Whatever your preference, Darrius and I will be available for boxing, wrestling, and fighting custom orders.

Who will the victor be?

Email me directly: d@dianaknight.com





You are Batman and you've been called upon by the bat signal. When you get there,.. instead of Commissioner Gordon,.. you encounter a beautiful latex clad woman who doesn't seem to realize that the bat signal is not a toy. She tries to seduce you with her rubber curves, but you are stronger than that. When she offers you a cocktail,.. you figure,.. what the hell? All work and no play makes Batman a dull boy. As you drink, you start to feel confused,.. and strange. "You don't look so good," she says. The beautiful vixen begins to laugh at you,.. you recognize the voice,.. and suddenly you can't believe you didn't recognize her before as you slowly drift off. Catwoman! You awaken some time later to find yourself bond, a machine attached to your cock. Catwoman explains her latest device,.. meant to squeeze, jerk, and milk you until you can't contain yourself. She adorns the remote control,.. her special rubber glove. She teases and taunts you with her latex-clad body. With her gloved hand,.. she rubs herself. When she does this,.. you can feel the device yanking at your meat,. and you actually feel her tantalizing flesh beneath you. As she rubs her breasts,.. her pussy,.. it's as if your cock is sliding in and out of her. A feeling so sublime,.. you are slowly becoming her slave. The humiliation is excruciating AND glorious. She talks you through the ultimate jack-off experience. Controlling every aspect of your cock. She's going to get your mojo... and there is nothing you can do about it. As Catwoman counts down,... you cum like you've never cum before. She is impressed... and you know it before she tells you: You are hers forever. Mwhahahahaha!

Features: Super Heroine, Super Villain, Femdom, Jerk-Off Instruction, Jerk-Off Encouragement, POV, Masturbation Instruction, Edging, Orgasm Control, Masturbation Training, Big Tits, Leather, Latex, Catwoman, Batman, Superheroine Fantasy, Countdown 

Starring: Diana Knight

**This was a custom commissioned video. Get your own custom fantasy here!**

Length: 23 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $23.99 (1080), $22.99 (720), $21.99 (360), $20.99 (270)



I've got a new Catwoman video being released.  Watch FETISHSANCTUM.COM for a new exciting POV fantasy featuring me as your fave catburglar! =)



.... at DianaKnight.com

Superheroine selfies with me & Christina Carter.





Captured by Wonder Woman and Batwoman!! You are the worst criminal They've ever seen. You're tied, gagged, and laid at Their feet. It's a privilege for you to be in Their presence. You're going to tell Them everything They want to know. Wonder Woman puts her magic lasso around you and makes you tell the truth. You cannot resist telling Wonder Woman & Batwoman your secrets! Wonder Woman wants to see what you're made of. She orders you to show her your cock. Is that all you've got?! You're not even a man,.. LITTLE BOY! These two Super Goddesses aren't going to waste any more time with you. You're nothing more than a punching bag to Them. Boots and hits to the face. It's a close-up and personal beatdown like you're never known!!! You dirty, pathetic boy.

Features: Superheroines, POV, Interrogation, Small Penis Humiliation, Femdom, Goddess Worship, Boot Domination, Beatdown, Brunette, Redhead, Costumes, Mind Control 

Starring: Diana Knight, Kendra James

LENGTH: 6 minutes
PRICE: $7.99 (1080) / $6.99 (720) / $5.99 (360) / $4.99 (270)




You've just been on a date with a beautiful woman. The two of you go back to her place for a drink. You can't stop staring at her unusual eyes. You sense that there is something very different about this girl. As you stare into her eyes, she begins to entrance you into the most relaxed state you've ever known. You are under her spell. Glamoured. She tells you she has a secret - she is a vampire. You are a little frightened as first,.. but so relaxed and quite unable to run away. As she starts to undress you know that you don't want to run away. You WANT her to bite and suck your neck. Her excitement at tasting you causes her fangs to grow in anticipation. And so do you as she teases you with her supple breasts and long, lean legs. Morgan cannot wait any longer. She takes a bite! You give it willingly. She is so pleasured by the taste of you that she decides to reward you. She's going to let you feed on her. Bon Appetit! 

Features: HypnOsis, Vampire, POV Femdom, Big Breasts, Fangs, Female Domination, POV biting, Lingerie, Undressing, Legs, Heels, 

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 14 minutes
Format: MP4




Cheyenne finds you and thinks you are the cutest little morsel she's seen in a while. She picks you up,.. teases you,.. then brings you in close for a taste. You make her mouth water. She licks you up and down as she starts to get so exciting about eating you. You are shaking with excitement, but she thinks you're cold. She places you right in-between her giantess breasts so that you can get warm. It's warm enough already as you bathe in her boob-sweat. She can't hold out any longer. She gobbles you up, then revels in the feeling of you sliding down her wet throat and into her tight stomach. She's turned on by your squirming & struggling,.. She rubs her tummy in ecstasy. Mmmmmmm!

Features: Giantess, vore, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, throat fetish, teeth fetish, extreme close-up, POV, eating, brunette 

Starring: Cheyenne Jewel
Length: 12 minutes
Format: MP4




Good morning! Time to brush my teeth. I strip out of my robe. I load up my toothbrush with toothpaste then get right to it. Moving the brush back & forth over the enamel, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Gotta get right in there. That's the spot! So much foam in my mouth. I open wide so you can see my teeth, my tongue, all the foam,.. and all my spit.. My mouth waters quite a bit,.. My drool and spit drip out as I model my mouth for you. It's not quite clean the first time,.. so I brush again. Gotta be sure to rinse! So I drink, swish, gargle, & spit water a few times. Mmmmm... don't you just love watching me brush my teeth?

Features: teeth fetish, toothpaste, teeth, tongue, brushing teeth, swishing, spitting, drool, dirty talk, close-ups, POV, mouth fetish, lip fetish, pursed lips, teeth, tongue, wet & messy mouth, topless,

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 11 minutes



Check it out!


Now available in my DIANAKNIGHT.COM VOD STORE!


Alice & Snow have gotten together for a very important play date. Alice has a newly acquired throne that she wants to show off to Snow. Naughty Snow thinks it would make a fantastic spanking chair. Alice is more than happy to oblige her. Alice really loves Snow's supple cheeks and spanks Snow until her ass is nice and red, like two big round red apples. Snow groans with pleasure,.. so much so,.. that Alice is jealous and wants to take her turn in the chair. Snow obliges her. They both takes turns spanking & playing with each other until Alice decides it's time for some serious naughtiness.

Features: Spanking, Costumes, Fantasy, Red Ass, Girl/Girl, FemDom, Legs, Thigh-Highs, Fairy tales

Starring: Diana Knight , Sinn Sage




Now remastered & re-released in 1080 HD!


An innocent Eve is inexplicably drawn to a striking dark figure she encounters in her apartment building. The mysterious Diana catches her eye. Eve is entranced. She follows Diana upstairs where the vixen is waiting for her. Inside Diana's lair, Eve realizes that she's been glamoured by a vampire, but is all too willing to become the next prey. Diana toys with Eve. She slowly undresses her,.. stopping to caress her naked skin and worship her tiny feet. The hunger overcomes Diana,.. and she begins to feed on Eve. Drinking her very life force. Absorbing her essence. Eve is overcome with feelings of desire and lust as she feels her red essence being sucked out. She submits completely to her Mistress.She cries out in ecstacy as Diana bites her neck, her thigh, her wrist. Diana nibbles on her lips in a kiss so passionate that she is transformed into a willing slave.Diana's thirst has been quenched,.. but Eve's is just beginning.

Features: Vampire, Fangs, Full Nudity, Foot Worship, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Trance, MC, Choking, Erotic Horror, Big Tits, Legs, Pussy, Heels, Undressing, Biting

Starring: Diana Knight and Evangeline Von Winter
Length: 10 Minutes
Price: $11.99 (1080)




Starring: Tomiko

Tomiko thinks you are the cutest little morsel she's seen in a long time. She salivates at the thought of taking you into her mouth. Just thinking about grinding her big white teeth on you tiny little bones make her all excited down there. You are mesmerized by her giant teeth, her ruby red lips, and her gorgeous eyes. You can't contain your excitement at the thought that you're about to travel into her wet mouth, down her throat, and into her gigantic stomach. Ready to be devoured as food for this gorgeous Giantess?

Features: Giantess, vore, extreme close-up, POV, eyes, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, face fetish, mouth fetish, brunette, tongue, throat

Length: 11 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $12.99 (FHD 1080), $11.99 (HD 720), $10.99 (SD 360)



Remastered & re-released in FULL 1080 HD.


Evangeline wants to get back at her bad roommate Diana, so she takes Diana to a show where Diana is entranced without her knowledge. After the show, Diana does not remember,.. but the trance specialist installed a trigger word in her psyche: "Shopping". Whenever Diana hears the word, spoken by herself or someone else,.. she immediately freezes,. becomes a living mannequin. Watch as Evangeline has fun with her new toy. Freezing & unfreezing Diana at her whim. Sometimes Diana even freezes herself! Diana is Eve's to control, manipulate, pose,... humiliate!

Features: HypnOsis, Trance, Mannequin Posing, Fondling, Gir-Girl, Woman Following Orders, Nudity, Breast, Pantyhose, Heels, Humiliation, Freezing & Unfreezing

Starring: Diana Knight, Evangeline Von Winter
Length: 18 minutes
Price: $19.99 (1080), $18.99 (720), $17.99 (360)





he Kendra 500 is sent to replace the malfunctioning Diana 3300. Diana mistakes Kendra for a simple intruder. Kendra unplugs the re-charging Diana,.. and leaves to prepare herself for her new assignment. Diana calls up her reserve power units as she begins to investigate the facts of Kendra's primary goal. By interfacing with the K500, Diana discovers that she is scheduled for recall due to malfunctions and glitches. Diana, unaware of any problems with her functions, begins to devise a plan to stop the K500. The two bots battle it out,.. interfacing with each other in an effort to corrupt the other's programming. The normally solid K500 begins to glitch as does Diana,.. but the K500 can't make sense of what is happening to her. All she's knows is that she must disable the D3300. Kendra attempts to run down the remaining battery life of the D3300 with a sexual function routine,.. but she has been ill-programmed. This is what the D3300 was built for. Diana turns the tables on Kendra by bringing her to complete orgasm. The K500 is not equipped for such a heightened sensation. Her circuits cannot withstand the work load. She short-circuits. The D3300 has won! But just then her batteries begin to reach critical. She races to plug herself in,. but she can't. Seems Kendra was able to download a sex virus. Diana abandons her self-preservation program to pleasure herself. Just as she is about to cum,.. her batteries die. She is left depleted and denied.

Features: Fembot Manipulation, Fembot Programming, Fembot Maid, Robotic Movement, Stripping, Malfunctions, Realistic Mode, Lesbians, Girl-Girl, Close-Ups, Robot Hands, Robot Stares, Woman Following Orders, Personality Modes, Redhead, Female Manipulation, Real Doll, Mechanical Movement

Starring: Kendra James, Diana Knight
Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $21.99 (1080 HD), $20.99 (720 HD), 19.99 (SD)