The new episode of the X Club Wrestling has been released from Pro Style Fantasies. This episode features two matches: the first a “spanking match” between Nina Kwan (Nicole Oring) and Kelly Boom (Kelly Divine), and the second a triple match between Jenny “GI” Jewell (Kymberly Jane), the Marquise (Diana Knight), and Nina Kwan. These videos seem to have caught fire in terms of popularity, so I’ll make a few comments and then step out of the way for you guys to discuss.

Here’s a story summary from Pro Style Fantasies (I don’t think I could do a better job of summarizing the video):

Last week, Jenny “GI” Jewell was brutalized and humiliated by the malicious Annie Gunn. Seemingly hobbled by her serious back injury, Jenny is required by General Manager James Jackson to face the Marquise now! But no, that’s too easy–he decides to make it a TRIPLE THREAT match between Jenny, the Marquise, and Nina “Kabuki” Kwan! Can Jenny possibly prevail given these odds??

But even before this main event we are treated to a special SPANKING match between Nina Kwan and the sexy big booty good girl, Kelly Boom! But Kelly is sweet and naive, and Nina is one of the most malicious wrestlers ever to step into the ring…

Included in this episode:

High flying wrestling moves, brawling, clothesline, leg scissors, spanking, forced orgasms, two-on-one attacks, total domination, humiliation, stripping, bondage, sleeper holds, crotch and breast attacks, wedgies, stinkface, back attacks, rag-dolling, KOs, blood, DDT, RKO, booty busters, and much more!!

I’m not a huge wrestling fan, but I enjoy these videos because of the emphasis on fantasy and fetish elements. The X Club Wrestling series isn’t meant to be taken seriously as combat, but instead takes a lot of the conventions of wrestling and turns the sexual fetish elements “up to 11.” In particular, I enjoyed the incredibly unfair three-way match (in which “GI” Jewell fares surprisingly well) and I always love to see Nicole Oring in pretty much any fetish-related video.


  1. I've noticed the growing popularity of these videos. . .and I do like them to a point
    I'm a happy participant of the new approach, even purchased the opening releases.
    It’s a new twist, those are always Great. . .,

    I happen to be one that likes the action side more than the sexual aspect.
    Still one thing that seems to be repetitive in a majority of the videos be it: heroine peril, action fight, dominations, whenever there seems to be a really high risk wrestling move the one that Decimates the other, you never see a real from start to finish shot.
    NOW BEFORE ANYONE JUMPS down my throat, I totally understand that these ladies also have other careers TOO. . .along with other considerations; being hurt by a move that isn’t done properly can’t be acceptable of course. (I know one such performer) that is NO longer doing what she loved to do because of that exact fact!!
    Even if it’s shown by splicing, or cutting to another frame, it doesn't have to sell it completely, but should be done in a fashion that does sell it,for me at least. In the domination & sexual part the domination, hell in that department don’t think anyone should have a complaint. Maybe just me, a little out of the groove, Hell I still think that some of the Comic heroines should have been beaten in a lot of their battles, also with the heroes too . . .
    When a one of the ladies has been on the receiving end of such things like :
    Back breakers attacks (these are looking better & better) Elbow Smashes, DDT, RKO followed up by multiple crotch and breast attacks, but yet next few scenes. . .POOF she’s now on the offensive, then again this is Fantasy, for me little too far unless it’s one of the Super heroine type battles & even those are out there at times lol.
    About the only improvement for me is simply more emphasize on the choreographing & how the filming of the more DRAMATIC / PAINFUL moves that to me that really SELL the victory I like to see. . .

    Of COURSE MY complete thanks to all that have still kept the fantasy alive for us less fortunate


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