Evangeline is tidying things up around the house when the doorbell rings. At her door is a service tech who has come to repair the household computer. The service tech runs some initial tests on the network,.. or at least that's what Eve thinks she is doing. Really the service tech is there to run tests on Eve. That's when the tech breaks it to Eve that she is a robot in need of repair. Eve can't believe what she's hearing and thinks the tech mad. Eve gets upset and asks the tech to leave,.. but is stopped by the techs remote. Frozen in place,.. Eve is suddenly feeling vulnerable and confused. But the tech is determined to guide Eve through her new experience of discovery. The tech starts by opening up Eve's back panel to make some minor adjustments. The feeling is pleasurable to Eve,.. and she starts to open her mind to the possibility that the tech is telling the truth. The tech takes a photo of Eve's back to show her. Eve is suddenly fascinated about being a fembot. The tech then opens up Eve's crotch panel. The manipulation of Eve's circuits starts to turn her on. The tech can't help but notice. She starts to get a little excited herself. She can't help herself. The tech strips out of her work attire and begins to seduce Eve. Things heat up when the two bots kiss, fondle, & moan their way through the service call. Just when things are really getting good,.. the tech bot overheats and locks up. Needless to say,.. Eve is feeling a bit frustrated. She decides to continue pleasuring herself. As Eve is cumming,.. she blows a fuse and is suddenly stuck. Her "husband" arrives to find the two fembots entangled & stuck. Ordinarily he'd be happy about a "double the fun" opportunity,.. but frustrated he leaves to call tech support.

Features: Fembot Manipulation, Fembot Programming, Stripping, Malfunctions, Realistic Mode, Lesbians, Girl-Girl, Robot Stares, Woman Following Orders, Redheads, Female Manipulation, Real Doll, Tech Speak, Unaware Fembot

Starring: Evangeline Von Winter, Diana Knight
Length: 18 Minutes
Price: $19.99 (1080HD), $18.99 (720HD), $17.99 (360SD)

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