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Super hot redhead Kendra James is going to tease & taunt you with scrumptious ruby red lips & tempting mouth. As she plays with her lips and licks her teeth,.. she tells you what it's like to be inside her mouth. She seduces you not only with her mouth, but also with her smoldering eyes. You can't help but want to bury yourself in her tight little orifice. She drinks & drools as you imagine how wet it is inside her mouth and what her hot tongue must feel like against your bare skin. 

This video was shot with a macro lens, so the extreme close ups are incredibly clear & detailed!!

Features: lip biting, tongue play, opening & closing, pov, extreme close-ups, kisses, scrunching lips, tongue flicking & rolling, lip smacking, teeth, lips, deep throat, long tongue, spit, drool

Starring: Kendra James
Length: 11 minutes
Price: $12.99

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