Happy Friday!  I've got an all-new release starring Melissa Jacobs, Christina Carter, and yours truly. Three naked hypno'ed mindless slaves? That's hot!


Melissa, Christina, & Diana get together for some fun. Melissa is excited because she wants to try out her new hypnosis skills on her friends. Diana & Christina are skeptical, but willing to indulge their friend. Melissa attempts an induction,.. but as soon as everyone begins to stare at the pendulum,.. Christina & Melissa go under. Diana laughs in amazement but realizes that she now has two mindless slaves to play with. She makes the two zombies strip & walk around the room,.. all the while uttering her new favorite phrase, "Yes, master!" After she's had some fun,.. Diana snaps the two girls out of their trances. Melissa is embarrassed at her failure. Grabbing the pendent she makes another attempt. This time she succeeds. Diana is put under trance as well. Now she has her fun. She makes Diana strip. Melissa commands Diana & Christina to make out. After she's played with the two,.. Melissa snaps the girls out of their trance. This time Christina is angry at her predicament. She grabs the pendent from Melissa, determined to try her hand at hypnosis... but alas,.. she fails,.. and all 3 girls are drawn into a mindless state. 

Features: Entrancement, Hipn0, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Stripping, Mind Control, Woman Following Orders, Panties,Fondling, Big Tits, Zombie Walk, Yes, Master's

Starring: Diana Knight, Christina Carter, Melissa Jacobs
Length: 20 minutes
Format: MP4
Price: $21.99 (1080p), $20.99 (720p), $19.99 (360p), $18.99 (180p)

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