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Thee Overlord is back! When a bomb goes off at a building in her quadrant, the JLA sends Batgirl on a mission to find out who's responsible. At the scene of the crime, Batgirl encounters her old enemy The Overlord. Our heroine is about to be done in by her nemesis,.. when Wonder Woman steps in to save the day. The two think their job is done, but it's a trap! The Overlord throws a toxic gas bomb at the two super bimbos causing them to pass out at his mercy. He takes them to his lair, ties them up, and then proceeds to interrogate them. His goal? To make Batgirl his willing slave by punishing her dear friend Wonder Woman. The Overlord interrogates Wonder Woman about the source of her power. He uses gas and her lasso against her to make Wondie reveal her secret. He renders her powerless by removing her magic belt. He punishes the princess with a barrage of punches to the face, stomach, and crotch. All the while, making Batgirl watch the beat-down of her partner. The evil Overlord has injected Wonder Woman with a serum that will make her heart explode if it beats too fast. When Batgirl won't relent, The Overlord initiates a vibe strapped to Wonder Woman's crotch. The forced pleasure causes Wonder Woman's heart rate to rise until Batgirl has to give in,.. which she does. But,.. The Overlord desires the destruction of both super sluts. He vibes Wonder Woman anyway, until her heart explodes and she is done for. Just for added fun, The Overlord humiliates Batgirl with a de-masking, a de-booting, and a gassing.

Features: Superheroines, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Mixed Fighting, Kicks, Belly Punching, Face Hits, Female Desperation, Bullets & Bracelets, Choking, Costumes, Latex, Masks, De-Masking, De-Booting, Interrogation, Bondage, Humiliation, Chlor0, Fausta

Starring: Diana Knight, Evangeline Von Winter, Leviathan
Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $21.99 (1080), $20.99 (720), $19.99 (360), $18.99 (Ipod)


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