Tech worker Diana has always thought something was off about her neighbor,.. and she's finally figured it out. Her neighbor Eve is a robot! Determined to prove it,.. Diana makes a bet with her friend that she can hack into Fembot Eve and change her programming. She'll even get photos to prove it. Diana uses an EMP gun to neutralize Evebot through the shared wall of their apartment. She then goes next door, lets herself in.. and sees the neutralized Eve. Her suspicion IS true! Now the fun begins. Diana uses her tech skills to remotely gain access to Eve's harddrive. She reboots the bot with basic working functions, making sure the bot is oblivious to her presence. First, Diana gets her proof by taking a few photos. Using only her phone, Diana opens up Evebot's control panel and runs a Dominatrix.per program. Eve is instantly transformed into a commanding Domina. Although fun,.. this personality is not quite Diana's style, so next,.. she runs a Stripper.per program. The free program turns out to be lame. Stripper Eve won't let Diana touch. Diana tries the program her friend gave her,.. Hooker.per,.. but it's corrupted. That's okay,. Diana has had her fun. She can't wait to tell her friend all about it. She exits the apartment, leaving Eve with no memory of how she got naked. Now that she knows Eve's secret,.. Diana will definitely be back for more!
Features: Fembot Manipulation, Fembot Programming, Robotic Movement, Striptease, Malfunctions, Realistic Mode, Lesbians, Girl-Girl Lap dance, Robot Hands, Robot Stares, Sexbot, Pleasurebot,Reboots


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