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Ana's car won't start, she's without a phone,.. so she walks to the nearest house for help. The door is open. She lets herself in. Such a large scary home,.. She just hopes she can find a phone. Filled with dread, Ana is about to leave when the lady of the house appears. Dark, mysterious, beautiful. Ana apologizes to her for the intrusion as the woman approaches, slowly. Ana is uneasy as the woman stares at her. It's as if she is looking into Ana's very soul. Anxious, Ana asks to use the phone one last time before being told that she will be staying the night. Ana is scared and turns quickly to leave,.. but what?! The rubber-clad woman appears before her, preventing her from leaving. Suddenly, as she stares into those cold blue eyes,.. Ana can feel will begin to fade. Her body is not her own as she drifts into a mindless state. Now that this stranger is under her complete control,.. the vampire begins to feed on her victim,.. Draining her just enough. Ana is stunned. She's been bitten by the unworldly. She can feel her body dying,. and it is painful. She awakens reborn. The feeling of her new body excites her. She is strong, sexy, immortal,... hungry. She strips out of her clothes,.. unable to stand anything on her cold skin. She is overcome with desire and can't help but to pleasure herself. Rubbing her breasts, her ass, her crotch. She strokes her over-sexed vampire pussy until she cums so hard it rattles her core. Now she is hungry. She must feed.

Features: Damsel in Distress, Vampire, Fangs, Full Nudity, Feet, Legs, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Trance, MC, Slumber, Erotic Horror, Big Tits, Pussy, Heels, Latex, Jeans Stripping, Biting, Sucking

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Diana Knight




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