A sexy redheaded vampire has glamoured you and brought you to her dungeon. You aren't like all of her other meals. You're special. She's going to take her time with you. Play with you. She rubs her rubber clad body, anxious for a taste of you. . You begin to fantasize about what it will feel like when she feeds on you. You are completely entranced. You are under her spell as you gaze into her cold blue eyes. Her fangs flash as she speaks to you. You become more and more relaxed. You will fades away. Your pulse races as she unzips her top to reveal her large, round breasts. You want to lick and suck on those gigantic mounds but you are paralyzed. The vamp teases you,... excites you with her curves. She tells you that she likes you and informs you that she will not kill you,..but instead make you hers. Her human forever. Her hunger grows and she simply cannot wait any longer. She must taste you. The feeling of her fangs sinking into your neck is exquisite as you feel the last of your will fade away. You are lost in Her. A slave forever to this redheaded vamp. 

Features: Vampire, POV, Teeth, Fangs, Topless, Trance, MC, Erotic Horror, Big Tits, Latex, Stripping, Biting, Sucking, Redhead

Starring: Diana Knight
Length: 13 minutes
Price: $14.99 (1080), $13.99 (720), $12.99 (SD)


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